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Startup Fever will be published

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Almost two months ago I launched Startup Fever, my Silicon Valley themed board game, on Kickstarter. Since then, the game found ~300 backers. Thanks to these backers, the game will become published over the summer. If you are backing it, thank you for your support. Also, thanks for all the articles and discussions on BGDF, they were very helpful.

Today I want to share all the new information about the game, the new art, and even the first third party reviews that are now available. Kickstarter Page (with ~30 updates since the beginning):

Official Game Site: with


Articles and Reviews: includes
a half hour video review from UndeadViking: 120 minutes of tenacious, conflict filled a Euro and
a review from Drake's Flame (not for the faint of heart): Upcoming Board Game Review - Startup Fever

Board Game Geek page:

Facebook: (mostly good for liking)

This week is the last chance for a pre-order that qualifies for the Kickstarter discounts and extras. Or start your Christmas shopping early - you will get these games before Christmas.

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The game is surprisingly interesting. Watching the presentation video, I think the game is very promising. I can't wait to get a copy. Will it be available in Europe?

Good luck with your project!

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Beautiful design

The cards and the board are beautiful. It has a very Web 2.0 feel, which is perfect for the theme of the game. I would strongly encourage you to ask the friendly editors at to make a post about the game - with the video and third party reviews, you have a great start for some word-of-mouth advertising on the web!

Wonderful job, and Congrats!

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Very Funny

Startup Fever wrote:
Warning: This is a real 3D board game made out of dead trees. To play you need to physically be present in the same room as your friends.


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