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Sunny weather, cold beers....last days of playtesting Pocket Sports Surfing

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That's right dudes.....our new game Pocket Sports Surfing is just waiting on dice bags and will be up on the website for ordering next week.

$11.99 + rad is that?!

Orders via

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I see in the rules it says "Black die" but from those shown ... there is no "Black die". Is that a misprint??? Or is one of the die the wrong color?

Just thought I'd point that out!

Joined: 01/06/2009
Excellent eyes

Yes, these rules are prelim and have been drawn upon and updated after today's sunburnt effort of waves and wipe outs!

I can say, Kris has a keen eye for detail and spot on with the die colour. Today's final play through was great. Lots of potential for expansions, rule additions and future locations. Most importantly, I live in the Gold Coast, the surfer's paradise in Australia, so opportunity for local sponsorship.

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