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Superior Print On Demand announces the SPOD 200 CLUB

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Superior Print On Demand announces the SPOD 200 CLUB

As most of you know, SPOD currently has full color printed chipboard game counter sheets available in the following sizes:

5/8” Full Sheet Counters (176 counters per sheet)
5/8” Half Sheet counters (88 counters per sheet)
1” Full sheet Counters (80 counters per sheet)

We get lost of requests for other sizes. We would love to make every size available under the sun but the costs involved in making the dies prohibit us from just going out and making a die without getting an idea of the sales volume we might due with a particular size/shape.

To better serve the gaming community and to produce the sizes and shapes that you would like to see, we here at SPOD have started the SPOD 200 CLUB.

We have set up a board specifically for this club on our support forums –

How it works:

On the forums you can post a request for a product you would like to see us manufacture.
For example, 1” hex shaped counters. We will review the request and if we feel it is something that we could make we will add it to the SPOD CURRENT PRODUCT forum. Once in this forum board you can commit to how many of these you would order. When the total committed orders on the forum reach 200 then SPOD will add the product to our website. At that time all who have committed can place their order. Once this is done and the orders reach 200 in quantity for the product we will commission the die to be made.

Please note that we are not looking for 200 individual orders before we begin production but rather 200 orders for the particular product. So if we use the 1” Hex counter above as an example we do not need 200 people to order. If Customer 1 commits to 20 and Customer B commits to 30 then that is 50 committed towards the goal of 200 needed to proceed.

You might ask why we don’t just add the item to our website and solicit the orders there instead of the forum. We do not want to tie up people’s money because we have no way of knowing how long it will take to reach the 200 benchmark of any given item.

By implementing the SPOD 200 CLUB we will be able to affordably offer you the products you would like to see developed by Superior POD.

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