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Tymor - Artwork Kickstarter

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Ladies and Gents,

Last week I got some great BGDF feedback on upkeep mechanics for a game I'm working on - I humbly referred to it as a "Catan-killer." Haha. Anyway, if any of you are interested in checking out some of the artwork for the game, you can visit its page on Kickstarter here:

We're currently trying to raise money for the illustration and 3D modeling. The "updates" tab at the top contains a bunch of new artwork as well.


Rex G. Baker IV
Montrose Games LLC

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Beautiful art

The art shown looks amazing!

Wish you best of luck with getting more backers.

Joined: 02/01/2013
Art Work is incredible

And the weather mechanic sounds cool also.

Good Luck.

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Customized artwork


I like your *custom* artwork from *Photos* to game characters. I am also working on a KS campaign and will be using a similar concept. I think this is a great reward for people who are willing to make a premium donation to a KS campaign...

Anyhow, I knew that would be a good idea and your sample is proof on how good it can work out to be! :)

Joined: 02/28/2013

Glad y'all like the artwork. I really lucked out with the artists. One of them is a former Timegate Studios guy from here in Houston. Does *amazing* work. What's even better is that he does 2D illustration AND 3D modeling. He's doing freelance at the moment, so if any of you have any character art needs for your games, send me a private message. I'm sure he'd be very happy for the referral.

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