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Unpub Mini - May 13 Centreville Virginia

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Hello all -

I've just joined the website - else I would have posted this far earlier. Along with Paul Owen (Dice Tower News), I'm hosting an Unpub Mini in Centreville, Virginia on May 13th. (Centreville is in Fairfax County, a suburb of Washington D.C.). We'll be at Island Games - 5107 Westfields Blvd - from 11-7 (or later).

Now, this is a late announcement, and our designer slots are filled. However, if you show up with a game - while I can't promise we'll find you a table, we'll try our best. At the very least, I thought some of you may be interested in coming out and playtesting.

We held a "Mini" a few years ago, and several games that we showcased went on to become published, perhaps most notably "Vast - The Crystal Caverns" (known then as "Trove"). My own game, "Santa's Workshop" is due out from Rio Grande later this year.

This is my first post on BGDF, so hopefully I do this right...but I'm attaching our flyer to this post. Thanks very much!

Keith Ferguson

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Hello, Neighbor!


I'm there...I live in Loudoun County...more specifically, South riding, so I'm 12-15 min away. I look forward to the event.

Island Games is where we hold our 1/month TI3 game!


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I look forward to meeting you! I'm typically not there on the weekends, but my regular gaming group meets there on Tuesday nights.

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