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Untitled: Make Your Own Legend - now on Kickstarter

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Joined: 01/29/2017

Hello, everyone! Thanks for giving me the opportunity to announce my newest game and first Kickstarter!

"Untitled" is a system that shows you, step-by-step, how to create a classical fantasy world complete with geography, factions, settlements, evolving plots, spells, weapons, armor, NPCs, and dynamic changes.

You could use those tools for any game you'd like, but I included a brand-new old-school pen-and-paper RPG!

Why is it called "Untitled"? Because instead of leveling up, you gain titles! Want to be Ben, Breaker of Chains? Look no further

I came up with this to entertain myself and my players but their feedback was so strong that I felt compelled to test it further and finally Kickstart it. I hope you find it interesting!

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