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Vinci Homemade Edition + Board Game Plastification Guide

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I recently added a lot of updates on my site including pictures of almost all the prototypes I have. The 2 major additions are:

1- I have just finished and released my homemade edition of Vinci that you can print yourself. After playing small world, I still prefer my version of Vinci. The files are available on BGG:

Or you can pass by my site

2- As some of you might know, I am somewhat obsessed with game protection. I have started to make a guide on how to plastify board games to show other people how I do it. So if you want to know the techniques I am using, you can read the explanations here:

I will eventually add other articles as I get to plastify other types of components.

Thank You

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very nice, though i'm

very nice, though i'm nowhere near as protective of my components ;)

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