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That is the question everyone asks me when I tell them about my new NON-TRIVIAL QUEST board game. Well, through the years I saw all the people playing trivia-type games, about the unimportant things in life. But I thought that it would be great if there was a non-trivia-type game that was about all of the important things that we need to know in life. So I set out to develop such a game that could be fun learning and remembering things that we should know in today’s complex world. It took me many years of hard work to finally self-publish it and put it on the market in March of 2011. It has well received and got great reviews plus many awards including “10 Best Games for 2011” by Dr. Toy.

First I picked six subject areas of importance. Then I had to pick important non-trivia-type questions and multiple choice answers. It was not easy to decide what was important enough to pass my subjective test to have in the game. I also didn’t want to make it too easy or too difficult for the family and friends market of Jr. High School through adults, plus to make it fun and interesting. But it also needed to be more educational and interesting than just a simple answer. So I added an answer description with much more depth of the subject, with the goal of stimulating conversation together with playing the game.

The game is on and is a great Christmas present for friends, family, and for yourself. You can also see the game, rules, subject categories, with sample questions, answers, and descriptions at the game Web site

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being proud of your crayon

being proud of your crayon drawings is one thing, posting multiple copies on the fridge at the same time is just spam.

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on bgg too

Especially since this spam was all over bgg as well.

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