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Wild Pursuit by Nightstalker Games

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Wild Pursuit Game

Wild Pursuit is a race around the world to capture some of the wildest animals on the planet. Players compete to capture and tag different kinds of animals so that scientists can track their movements and protect their natural habitats. But it won’t be easy. You must have the right tools to capture them as well as the right gear to navigate the treacherous terrain. But be careful — these animals are wild and may fight back! As you play you’ll learn interesting facts about the animals and tools used to safely capture them. It’s a fun and sometimes dangerous strategy game for the whole family!

(No animals were harmed in the development of this game.)

This game features a unique board design that allows a different set-up each time you play. Together with the different card abilities and a random draw deck, you’ll have a different experience each time you play!

You can find Wild Pursuit here:

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