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Finding a licensor?

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Board game and box.

Hi there, I have a developed, trademarked board ga It is about Australia, and was aimed at the junior market, but I have since found developing and very shallow marketing it also suits grey nomads and wanna be tourists to Our Great Country of Australia. It is a fun game and different it is a roll and move type game. It has been sold to German students and in the USA and England, with great feedback from them. I have not really advertised it much as I was wanting a person to buy the license for it and then it would allow them the larger scope of promoting it.Any Ideas on who to approach? Another thing with this board game- as it has been in the schools in my region, one teacher did say that they had developed a team system using the colours on the tokens and then each person in the team had a throw of the dice and it involved the whole class.

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A list for you

Check out this link:

It has a list of publishers accepting game submission and those that are NOT accepting game submissions.

There are also list posted by other users which you should feel free to check for more publishers.

Here is another link with MORE publishers:

Check out all the lists, because they may have different publishers!

Best of luck with your search...

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Hi questccg , thanks for that. Will check it out.

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