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MinecraftIsland - critiques wanted.

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Just for fun, I created a game based on Minecraft. The purpose was to try to keep the feel of the computer game in a boardgame format. Playtesting showed it had potential. I am not planning on publishing (I can't the way it is - I have no rights). What I would like is for you to take a look at the game and offer up your critiques and suggestions. Maybe I can learn something for my next game.

Thank you.

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I am working on my own version of a MC board game, so I found this very interesting.

I have been looking through the rules and material you have and the first thing that strikes me is that your game is very true to the video game. My version is more like a euro game version of MC.

How long does a game take?
How large is the interaction between the players?

Wow! I saw that this post was very old. But I still interested if you can remember those things.

And how far did you come with the game?

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