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Paying Your BGDF Dues

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The influx of new designers is great. Some of you have been lurkers and just now decided to participate while others have stumbled across us recently. I’m seeing plenty of fresh ideas and enthusiasm which is always welcome. I am also seeing plenty of requests for help in play testing and rules reading.

Those of us that have been here for years would love to help fill those requests but as you might imagine we have games to work on too and can’t get to every one of them ourselves. I would like to see more of our new members offering assistance before asking for some. Even if you have little experience as a designer you can help others with their game. When it comes to feedback every opinion is valuable. It’s also a great way to learn design by helping another designer go through the process.

So lend a hand!

The Ancient One

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Joined: 07/26/2008
Ohhh ye young ones, I would

Ohhh ye young ones, I would have you listen to Dralius the wise for many words of wisdom doth he speak. Really, rule of thumb is the community here is amazing, but it is good to give as much as you get. There use to actually be a play testing section of this website where you couldn't ask to get your game play tested until you at least play tested 3 other games.

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More people, more exchange,

More people, more exchange, more results. I enjoy the posts and hope to be of any assistance. Wise words and contacts are valuable assets.

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I want to help as much as

I want to help as much as possible, but I'm not very experienced at game design yet. I need to playtest a game before I can give comments about it, and I don't have anyone to playtest even my own games with now that I've been going to a different school and my brother moved away with his wife.

Occasionally I will have an idea for a new mechanic for someone's game, but that's pretty much all I can do.

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