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Sovereign Chess Website Redesign

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I am pleased to announce a redesign of the Sovereign Chess website ( Our template is focused on stunning pictures of the game, with a new "16 Rules" campaign to explain how the game plays.

I would appreciate any feedback you can give about the website, the rules, or the explanation of the game. While we are excited about this Squarespace 6 template, there are a few design glitches that we are working on correcting.

Our game has been featured in both seasons of "King of the Nerds", and by request, we are developing a Kickstarter campaign for later this year.

Thanks for your help,

Mark Bates
Creator, Sovereign Chess

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I haven't had a look at the

I haven't had a look at the rules yet, but I have to say the images have me intrigued. In the meantime, I do have some input on the site - some of which may fall under the design glitches you mentioned.

First off, I really like the homepage, especially the images that focus in on all the vibrant colors of your game. But I was a little confused by the timing of the image rotation. I don't know if it was something in the script for the page or my browser lagging or what, but sometimes it seemed like it took a really long time to change and others not very long at all. The first image always seemed to take the longest to the point where I generally wouldn't have stayed on the page long enough to see the other pictures.

I would recommend getting rid of the dropdown under "Home" on the navbar which has links to all the individual images. You don't need a full page for each individual image on the navbar, though it might be worth having a "Gallery" link on there.

I was also a little thrown off by the title of the images in the bottom left. But it's starting to grow on me, so I'm not sure about it. If you decide to keep that, I would again try to make them link to a Gallery rather than a page with nothing but that image on it if you can. Clicking a link and landing on a page with a SMALLER version of the image you were just looking at just feels a bit backwards - but if you land on a page showcasing other vibrant pictures that might work nicely.

I don't know what your templates you're using are like or how adept you are with HTML/CSS/JS - but you might think about adding a sidebar on the "Rules" pages to make it quicker to navigate between rules without going up to the dropdown in the navbar again each time. At the very least, I would make the link at the bottom that goes to the next rule stand out more and probably add a link to the previous rule too - but personally I think a more ideal option is to have a more convenient way to jump between all of the rules.

You must be working on it right now, because I think it just went down temporarily. I can probably offer more design suggestions if you'd like, but those were the big things that jumped out at me right away with a cursory look at the site.

Overall, I like it though and I think most of the other suggestions I'd have would be fairly minor tweaks.

I really like the favicon too - that's a nice touch!

Joined: 05/31/2012
Many Thanks...


Thanks for all of the great observations. Those are exactly what I want--a point of view from a new person who stumbles across the site.

I am looking at the timing issue and some of the gallery options you suggested. We've also put in easier controls to move between the rules pages faster.

Please let me know if you have further suggestions:

Thanks again...

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