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Warforged soon to be released! We Want your Feedback

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Three Fates Games
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Joined: 02/14/2012

Hello everyone! We are an up and coming board and table-top game company and our first release will be Warforged! This is a 1v1 tactics game that we are releasing to the public for free under the protection of the Creative Commons. You can get all of the rules and start playing right now, for free! Please do it. You can find it on our facebook page We will be launching our kickstarter campaign July 19 so check it out before then! Thank you

Please read the rules, play the game, then tell us what you think!

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rule on FB

Hey Three Fates Games,

I've been trying to find the rules on your Facebook profile but I don't know where to look. May be you can give a direct link here..

Looking forward to see it on kickstarter!

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