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Where do I post about my game

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Joined: 06/04/2020

There seem to be different forum sections, also Blogs and Game Journals.
Where for instance would I introduce my game to you so that you could happily give back opinions whether helpful, humorous, useful crique or other.
What is the usual way to organise different types of game related posts on here.
Is there an area that you write where others don't reply to?
Perhaps someone could amplify the difference between the forums\blogs \game journals for this humble wazzock?


let-off studios
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Game Journals

Back when I was serious about documenting the design process of my projects (and heck, I just might be again, some day), I found the Game Journals extremely useful. You can organize them like a mini-website just for your game, adding photos, illustrations, and other images to each entry. You can also link them together like pages in a book, organizing them chronologically or topically.

If you plan on posting less deliberately, a Blog post may be useful. They're organized under your handle, though a long discussion can really drag on and be a pain to reference later. At least with Game Journal pages, you can always create another one and cross-reference with more ease.

Forum topics seem to me like they're overused, and there's really no way to keep it organized or "pruned" to stay relevant beyond a general question-and-answer or discussion.

Personally I think Game Journals are the way to go for what you describe, but seem under-utilized. The organizing takes work, but it's worth it if you take the long view.

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Joined: 06/04/2020
AH ok re Game Journals

Ah so Game Journals are where you put it all neatly together.
And your blog is where you chat about it with others?

Thanks John

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