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let-off studios
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Joined: 02/07/2011

So good to have you back, BGDF. :)

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Joined: 01/23/2018
let-off studios wrote:So good

let-off studios wrote:
So good to have you back, BGDF. :)

I had nowhere to chat about games, so I started a new design.. :)

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Joined: 04/16/2011
Sorry I was on top of the issues as of 11:30 AM EST

I e-mailed back and forth our Server Admin and he confirmed the entire server farm was having some technical difficulties with some of their servers... So they were looking into the issue.

I was hoping it would be resolved yesterday (by the evening) ... But it turns out it took some more time today ... Since I believe earlier today the website was up and running again!

Sorry I couldn't e-mail everyone to let you guys know that the problem was being actively looked into!

But like you all said: "We're back in business!" So cheers!

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