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Any pro designers on this board?

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Hey, sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong forum, but it DOES say that this is the forum for off-topic stuff, so here goes:

I'm looking to actually HIRE (yes, for money) a game designer to help me come up with a simple dice game for kids. The game can be based on existing older classic games or be brand-new, doesn't matter.

The thing is is should be relatively short, fast, and fun, and easy to play in a pick-up game by any number of kids.

Yes...I will PAY someone to help me design this, so you can sort of look at this as an offbeat job listing.

I know that this is not technically a board game, but it does involve rules and gameplay and may or may not involve a makeshift "board."

If you think you can do this drop me a note telling me who you are and more importantly: why you can do it; and we can discuss a timetable and compensation.

I hope this post doesn't violate some TOS of this forum and if it does, I apologize. But this is NOT spam. A serious opportunity for the gaming community.

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I have been working in the industry for about 9 years but only consider myself semi-professional since I have licensed several games; Cannon, Snag, Nitro Dice,Tahiti, etc… but don’t make enough yet to quit my day job.

I do board, card, & dice games.

To discuss development for your game you may reach me at development (at)

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Semi-pro is nice.

I work with games since 2007.
I develop game on-demand (and usually I don't "sign" developed games, but I can give you the contact of my customers for references). I also have made a "gamers' game", 011, published by Scribabs and Elfinwerks.
Contact or

Joined: 04/06/2009

Yes, I'm a published professional; I sent you an email.

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Email sent...

I've replied to the email address at the end of your post...

To those before and after me: I recommend using hs email instead of relying on this thread or the BGDF message system. Given that his account is less than a week old, he may not spot new media in either of those locations.

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