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Anyone has used Google AdWords?

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Joined: 07/28/2008

By checking my e-mails this morning, tigerdirect gave me a 100$ google adwords promotional code. Apparently it allows to create text ads and when a user click on the add you pay for the click.

There is an activation fee, which for me seem to be around 5$ but I am not sure if it is actually covered by the promotional code. The documentation is not very clear.

It's just a coincidence that my game is about to get released, so getting free advertising could be a good thing.

I just wanted to know if any of you had any good or bad experience with Google adWords. What are the pros and cons, and does it worth paying 5$ to set it up (if the promotional code does not cover it)?

Joined: 04/18/2009
Hi, I have not used it


I have not used it personaly but I have read that Jack from Reiver games have used it as part of his promotion for Reiver games. If I am not mistaken he said that the tools where useful but the ads did not generate that mutch hits/sales. But it was free money for ads so ofcors you should use them. Somthing like that. You drop him an email or check his blog for further info.

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