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Blacklisting someone

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It already happened. And it is due to poor judgement from the moderators of that particular game.

Through some channels I obtained a phone number of a person that was trying to ruin the game for me that I was playing.

This phone number, if I ever see it appearing in a list of games that I have part in. I can keep a close eye to the account. Any bad behavior would immediately be punished by me.

Sounds salty, right?
But nesesary.

Probably, it will never happen. Since that person has found his heaven of harassing other players. It seems the game in question protects that kind of players. After all, it is a Pay to Harass game.

What are your thoughts on this?

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To put it simple...

I quit games like this... I was playing an MMO Strategy Game and got "blasted" from some of the members even IF I was helping our CLAN. They told me to "f-off" and so I did, I moved my capitol to another location outside CLAN territory and logged-off FOREVER. I don't need people to tell me to "f-off" or even tell me how or how I should not play.

I even devised a system to BEAT the game which I called "Sparring".

Nobody understood the rules (we were sparring against Germans) and they just thought of normal attacking. It didn't go very well. Had the dumbasses done as I had suggested, all the players in the roster would have gained valuable EXPERIENCE... But no... Stubborn players.

Moreover the CLAN member I help the most in telling her how to specialize and what I thought would be the coolest way to play ... Did exactly what I said and she turned out to be one of the strongest players because she had money to play.

The bottom line is people often ONLINE are jerks to each other.

I would leave YOUR Jerk ALONE and if he tries to "ruin the game for you" well then I would do as my CLAN members and tell HIM/HER to "f-off".

And just to clarify ... I HELPED our CLAN and still some of the leadership in the CLAN decided to tell me to leave our CLAN... This is twice that it has happened in two (2) MMOs... People just don't like the CHATTY guy who talks to everyone and plays a very DIPLOMATIC way.

Oh well... No MMOs for me! I don't need the hassle nor the hard "feelings"...

Note #1: The two MMOs were "Lord of Ultima" (LOU) and the other one was "Total Battle" (TB). Anyways there are a lot of people playing these MMOs and many of them don't know how to be SOCIAL.

When I join a game, the first thing that I do is CHAT. Get to know the better players ... Talk with them about life and things like COSTCO...! Ha ha ... No seriously I TRY to establish bonds with people.

Then once the I know the BETTER Players, I usually look to see if there are any WEAK player that need help ... And I usually help those players out.

I also work deep on DIPLOMACY to become someone who is the GO-TO Player for information. I often do tasks that other players hate like determining and handling RESTITUTION (when one of our CLAN player attacks another CLAN without any provocation...) And also HELP those player to pay their PENALTIES, etc.

I play the game MY WAY ... Not how the MMO designers or OTHER players play it their way. Like I said, I'm usually involved in DIPLOMACY and MAKING ALLIANCES and talking with the VARIOUS Leaders in other CLANS too... I may not be in the circle of influence like some of the TOP PLAYERS (who are respected for their HIGH SCORES and not the work they do to help the CLAN...) I do MY PART.

Too bad some players don't get it. That's usually my schtick.

Note #2: And this is more in the spirit of this THREAD, most players play a cut-throat game and stab whomever they can in the back. I don't play that way... I have no desire to make myself seem more IMPORTANT than the other players... I can usually get what I am looking for in terms of DIPLOMACY and not the need to hurt other players (with my own play-style)...

Note #3: Some senior players (old people) get jealous of the relationship that are forged with the other players ... And feel like it should be them instead of me... WTF. I do the work, I help out the players, I play to the best of my abilities (with some monies that I had invested)... People can just be terrible... And always go to the proverb: "The nail that sticks-out gets hammered down." Like I said a lot of people can be real jerks.

Note #4: I've checked at LOU was all the way back to 2003. That means it was almost 20 years AGO! I've only played 2 MMOs in 20 years... Wow how time does fly. In any event, I'm not really into MMOs ... Most of them are geared towards MAKING MONEY (and a lot of it...)

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I see nothing wrong with your actions and your policy.

The Internet isn't "owned by everyone." It's merely used by everyone. So if you and your colleagues pay the bills there, are moderators, etc. then what you say goes.

Eventually the player base will either cooperate and build community, or they'll find greener pastures with less-strict moderation (and better opportunity for abuse and harassment without consequences).

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