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Driver's Education Board Game/Cranky Husband

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Gretchen Nixon
Joined: 12/18/2009

I just published my first game in August and I have no
advertising/publicity cash. Any suggestions???
My cranky husband says I have to give up my company but I don't want to.
I carried mail and was a flight attendant both for a decade and didn't start college
until my oldest son, Troy, (now 15) was born. I got a teaching degree but got
too old to get hired full time so when I'm not subbing I run my new biz,
Nixpix Educational Products.
I'm done with Washington and 1/2 done with the USA version.
E-mail me at or even better
add me on Facebook to chat free at Gretchen Lehde Nixon
Thanks Guys! (or gals if there are any)
Gretchen Nixon
Owner/Everything Else
Nixpix Educational Products
Hey-if you have cash-please buy one-I have 480 Washingtons left!

truekid games
truekid games's picture
Joined: 10/29/2008
The simplest advice I could

The simplest advice I could give is to figure out your target audience, and approach people who have access to them (local driver's ed and defensive driving teachers would be my first guess).

I would not have recommended taking out a home equity loan or selling a vehicle.

Aside from that, hit the library and look for books on game design and/or marketing in general. Stephen Peek's "Game Inventor's Handbook" would be a good start.

Gretchen Nixon
Joined: 12/18/2009
Good Tips

Thanks truekid,
I appreciate your advice.

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Joined: 07/29/2008
Where to sell

A few places to try...

This is the products page for the Home School Legal Defense Association. It does not cost anything to list your product there. But you do need to show the value that a homeschooler would get from it (learning how to drive).

Educational Dealer Magazine - they offer a variety of ways to pitch your product - may be on target for your market audience.

Those are the lowest cost ones that come to mind.

Also, google for any profesional associations that are organized around driver ed - might be able to pitch at one of their their meetings in your state.

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