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During Animarathon this weekend

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I met three game designers this weekend who are all geniuses in their own right of game design. This all happened at Animarathon. There is a website and Facebook page for Animarathon.

The first one I met is the creator of Magic Cubed or PokeCubed. He hasn’t come up with a title for his game yet but it’s he and everyone who has play tested it ,”like me” had a great time learning this game. He has been working on the game for a year and a half. It’s Magic The Gathering mixed with Pokémon. As we talked he talked about how the game idea was supposed to be a joke and well, he was the only one Alex was mostly interested in turning the joke into a reality. KS by the end of 2018.

The second game designer Rhyan C. His game is called Untold Reveries. He has been debuting his game since June 2017. I did not playtest is game, however we had a wonderful chat about his game. I am supporting all of three game designers by spreading the word and help later on collaborate in the future.

The third game designer , Sherwin is working on a Kung Fu Card Game that uses miniature figurines for the fighters. Sherwin created this game design for the passion of Martial Arts and Kung Fu. This game : I play tested. It’s a very fast game, tons of skill from beginner to expert to have fun with. Most of the skill moves are from real Kung Fu movement and made up ones. Sherwin has studied King Fu and still learning the Arts skill. He is also self taught dual wielding katanas and nunchucks.

With Sherwin we are also sometime in the future with him and my group will be working on our weapon skill combat techniques and larping.

My group and I have met with Mr. Robert Axelrod. He has voice many characters in his time but he is most recognized as The Voice of Lord Zedd from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. My nephew got an autograph by him and I got a photo with him. What a very cool person.


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