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Fallout, Fallout 2 and Fallout Tactics

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Well I was "browsing" Steam looking for "Fallout" RPG games and found that they had the original "Fallout" RPG game on Steam. When I clicked on it, I also found that they had a package for $20 CAD for all three (3) games:

  • Fallout: The original RPG (Open World).
  • Fallout 2: The sequel to the original RPG (Open World).
  • Fallout Tactics: Which is a turn-based sequential level game.

Anyways I had the original game (Fallout). Never finished it. Had bought a CD with both Fallout and Fallout 2. Again never finished either of those either.

And so seeing the game on Steam, the whole package and save $10 CAD since it was only $20 CAD for all three (3) games...

I really like the Open World concept and have played other such games like Torment... It's a very cool "engine". Much better than FPS-shooters... I know FPS-shooters are cool too... I've player Doom, Quake, Heretic... The OLD FPS-shooters. Which at the time I really enjoyed.

But now that I'm using a laptop, I don't have the same processing and 3D graphics power... So the Fallout "collection" seemed like a pretty nice purchase. I played about 1 hour today. And Steam calculates how much you play (I like that feature). I'm focused on Game Design and TradeWorlds -- Plus I like to watch NetFlix too... So only so much time in a week!

But I'll definitely play on Friday/Saturday Nights... When it's more quiet on BGDF... I have family commitment on Saturday and have to do some more research for TradeWorlds sales... We've been discussing it and I've started to look into sales (even if it's not my expertise or background). Trying something NEW and seeing how it goes!

Cheers... And happy gaming!

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