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The future of Bond (007)

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Hello everyone,

Since this is the water cooler, I figured I'd ask fellow designers about the "future of James Bond" (007). Now I've been watching all the latest bond movies and the plots are starting to become "stale".

Everything is about "hacking", "the Internet", etc. And I think it's become too BORING.

What I would like to see - is for Bond, or future movies of 007 go back to the 1970s, where there was no Internet and Ham Radio was the rage...

Basically spend TONS of money using older cars, big hair cuts and a sincere taste of what it means to pull off "James Bond" back in the days... I'm thinking of course of the Sean Connery or Roger Moor days.

Personally I would prefer the Roger Moor "humour" but I'd also be happy with the more "suave" Sean Connery type of "James Bond".

But to bring back all the older charm of that time...

Anyways share your thoughts...

Note: I preferred Spectre to Skyfall because of the Plane scene... Reminded me of the OVER THE TOP 007 action! :)

Maybe they could "explore" the beginnings of the Spectre association. How it all began... so to speak.

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The beginning. That is

The beginning. That is something interesting.
Also, training and such would be fun to watch.

More so, a survivor's story. After meeting bond.

I loved the movie, where one of the evil guys is thrown in a chimney. :)

Willem Verheij
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I think James Bond works best

I think James Bond works best in the 60's setting, where it was established.

Modern James bond movies just seem to be the same as other spy movies and seems to try too hard to not be a James Bond movie often enough.

Maybe James Bond could make for a gread board game theme by the way, in which players all play a 00 agent and are dispatched on missions across the world.

In the movies I always wanted to see more of other 00 agents.

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