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game ideas for anyone to use.

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Willem Verheij
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I tend to have all kinds of ideas for board games, way too many to put them all to use myself so I like to just toss them out here for anyone who might still be looking for ideas. Just one game idea is enough for me to work on by myself.

I tend to envision them as the more detailed kind, with nice artwork, figurines and such. Games strong on theme.

I can still offer advice and help out with the details, but if someone else takes on the project they'd be in charge of it. I'm not too great with building prototypes and dont have acces to playtesters.

Here's a few of these, I dont know if they have been done yet before.

-golden age nobles looking for prestige.
In this game players would take on the role of young noblemen around 1750 or such, and the goal would be to gain influence.
You'd be fighting duels, courting noble ladies, gamble, buy paintings and travel across the land to gather material for telling tall tales at noble courts.

-Greek Mythology adventure.
The board would be greece and surrounding countries that are part of greek mythology.
Each player takes controll of a legendary greek hero each with their own skills. And you need to complete quests to gain the favor of the gods. Who has the most favor in the end wins.
These quests would be actual parts of mythological tales, only you'd be completing them with any of these heroes.
The entire game would be a huge celebration of greek mythology.

-The jedi order.
This game would have some similarities with shadows over camelot. Timeframe could be somewhere outside of the movies. A dark lord of the sith is threatening the galaxy, and each player controlls a jedi knight. You complete assignments from the council to push back the Sith's influence, look for holocrons and other such things.
The game also has a traitor mechanic, one of your group may be the secret apprentice of the dark lord!
I gues this one does require the star wars license, but its just an idea I had.

-Conquer Atlantis.
The mysterious island of Atlantis has resurfaced in the classical age, and various powerfull factions of the time are sending their own armies to settle it and fight off any cometitors.
This is more of a wargame where each player takes controll of a different unique faction with their own units.
Each player would start with a small landing party.
Resources would be claimed that can be used to build buildings and train more troops.
The four factions could be: Rome, Greeks, Persia and Carthage.
Each with their own set of miniatures.

In this game each player takes the role of a medieval baron, trying to win the favor of the king, the bishop and their family.
Three goals that can conflict and cause disfavor with others.
It's a four player game, each baron has nearly a fourth of the map as their realm. In the centre is the King's castle.
You can't take land of the other barons, but the game focuses strongly at messing with each others their ambitions.
Like sending a spy to start a peasant uprising, burning down a building, using their favor with the king to convince the king to ask more money from another baron, etc.
Each round all players could have to pay a set amount of taxes to the king.

That's all for now, if I really sat down for it I could probably think up a lot more. If its of any use to anyone, go ahead and take the idea. If it's already been done I'd love to hear about it too since it clearly would be a game I'd be interested in seeing.

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