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Game review

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Hi Guys,
I was looking for a way to get my Game Reviewed
in the Game Design Workshop,it mentioned that I PM
jwarrend.I did that but I noticed that there was a Tab
that you could press to put the Game info in.
I don't know if I should wait for jwarrend or just list it there.
Any help would be Appreciated

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Joined: 07/21/2008
A tab where, exactly? If you

A tab where, exactly? If you mean the "Post new forum topic" button, I think it's better to wait for Jeff to reply your PM.

Besides that, on your profile you can list your games. And you can also start a Game Journal (link under "Create A..." on the left menu). A game journal would be a good idea even if you post about the game on the GDW.

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Greetings all, I apologize

Greetings all,

I apologize that I haven't really kept on top of my inbox so some messages may have gone unanswered.

At this point, since the traffic in the GDW has been so light in the last couple of years, I think that my role as "gatekeeper" of the GDW can come to an end and it can be made free and open to whomever wants to use it without prior permission from me.

I would just again restate that the intent of the GDW is that it's a rulebook swap; if someone is courteous enough to read and critique your rulebook, read and critique theirs in return, or someone else's. The preconception I see all too often in requests for GDW slots is that the GDW is some sort of review service that the site provides. It's not intended to be used that way; it's more an opportunity for the community to help each other. As nearly everyone who has been active in the GDW will attest, it's actually often equally useful to your growth as a designer to critique others' games as it is to have your own critiqued.

Have fun!


Joined: 12/14/2008
Game review

Hi Seo,
Thanks for your help
Sorry! thanks also to jwarrend

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