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I just started a Facebook group where designers can link to Hangouts and chat face to face.

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Joined: 05/02/2012

I find that typing is some times restrictive and sometimes misinterpreted. Some time it is great. You can get all your ideas down and then send them into the wild. If you are like me I come off terrible when I type. So I just set up a new Facebook group where people can link to Google Hangouts and have face to face discussions about game design.

Have a weekly meet up or just need to bounce ideas in real time.

If this is against any rules please let me know and it will go away.

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Joined: 12/26/2009
Not strictly against any rule

Hi Mongoose,

This isn't against any rule - and scheduling video calls might be fun for a few people. Though the "facebook group" part of it does conflict with the overall BGDF community site, as it pulls people away into subgroups.

May I suggest just posting Google Hangout live-video links rather than a separate community group?

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