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I need a flash developer

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monkey man
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I need some one who is adept at flash design to help build a flash game on a game design I have created..

I have a friend in the video game industry that buys ideas but need a flash prototype to show investors.

He is the ceo of a software manufacturer and can get it to the right people.

But I have to play by the same rules as everyone else and do a flash game myself before they can take it to the next level.

I can't offer anything more than 50% of profits from the game but I do bring the one thing that is so hard to come by and that is a contact.

I am willing to discuss the game idea and even make changes if neccesary since this is a designers forum I expect anyone who is willing to help will have some ideas on gameplay etc.

The game is based on a board game that I have had good success with but I am always open to ideas!

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PM sent...

PM sent...

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