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Irregular Magazine

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Issue 2 Cover

Irregular Magazine is a free PDF download full of hobby articles, tutorials, reviews and short stories.

Brought to you by hobbyists turned editors Jason Hubbard and Nick Johnson, Irregular Magazine has been designed to provide hobbyists with articles and tutorials on miniature painting, RPG and wargames.

All content is community generated, including the art-work, creating a very unique magazine, not specific to any one aspect of the hobby, or tied down to a particular game or manufacturer. Hopefully it will reflect the diversity of the hobby community.

Issue 2/ autumn 09
76 pages of gaming, hobby and painting, approx 8.7MB PDF


* Guide to photographing your minis
* Steam-punk conversion competition
* Mould Goblins for DnD
* Rust painting tutorial
* Peasants revolt
* Making scenery on CD
* Games Day UK report
* Explore Kingdom Death
* Short story competition winners
* and more!

I'm looking for contributors for issue 3 onwards, the deadline for the next issue is November 30th. Issue 3 will be themed around the living dead. I would like if possible some articles on the process of game design, or maybe an article by someone who has gone through the process of designing a game, through to prototyping and publication, this could high light some of the pitfalls of the whole process.

We are also looking for artwork contributors.

Issue 1 had 5000 downloads, and issue went live on Friday afternoon and has so far been downloaded 1500 times.

I can be emailed at

Thanks Jason Hubbard

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