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Journals, Blogs, and Being an asset to the community

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Joined: 01/12/2012

As a new designer, I am trying to figure out the best way to use bgdf, both for my personal growth and to be the biggest asset to the community that I can.

As it stands, I'm a bit confused by a few things.

Blogs and Journals,

-what's the difference on the bgdf?
-how can they be used to the greatest potential?
-It seems a few have opted to run a public blog w/ occasional links here, why that over the tools on this site?

I am blessed already, being able to be a member of the bgdg of utah, so I have experienced designers to help me play test and fine tune my games. I would like also to tap into the minds that are here, and also give back some that I am able to take from the wonderful resources I have access to.

Currently there are no How-To articles for using the Blog and Journal, that might be nice to have. I may be in a minority here, maybe I haven't spent enough time poking around and with more time digging I could figure it all out on my own. But a little help/direction would be appreciated.

(This is probably my Blue personality coming out and I just want to be sure to do it "Right".)

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Joined: 02/17/2011

Thanks for raising the subject. I'd like to post rules for my game (along with illustrations?) to get feedback. Where should I do that?

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