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There is a new Xbox community video game which is some sort of program to make video games.

There ideas is that you have various objects available with a map editor and you can give commands and conditions to your objects to make them behave like you want. You can share games with friends and the tool come with some demo game that you can use as examples. The interface is also really easy to use and there is no coding to do.

For more information, check you tube, there are many videos about it.

Now, I was wondering if one days, they could actually do the same for board games. Make an easy to use program to make board games as video games. Still, I am not sure yet if it would be possible for people to program rules for their game without the need of using a coding language.

Joined: 07/08/2009
It seems like it would be easy enough . . .

. . . from a technical standpoint. Programs like magic workstation/ apprentice exist, which is just dragging around graphics with some options to make those graphics move sometimes. Game Table Online has all sorts of different games programmed. So if you had some kind of program like a virtual table, that could have options for different sized/configured areas, then you uploaded graphics to create objects that fit in those areas, it would work, since it happens in other places.

From a 'getting it done' perspective . . . it would take a lot of work, and a lot of time, and would probably not make much profit. So, finding people to do it might be difficult.


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Check out

Check out VASSAL:

I tried doing it once for a game, but found it was a bit too obtuse compared to paper-and-pencils. I was spending far too much time wrestling with the program and figuring out how to work its variables, and no time designing.

On the other hand, I live in NYC, which has a monthly playtesting group. I suppose if I didn't have that, taking the time to learn VASSAL might be worthwhile.

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