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Naming your game company

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Joined: 05/01/2015

I'm sure all of here either have or are thinking about putting our design and publishing efforts under our own brand or company identity. I'm curious to know a few points regarding this task:

What are your favorite existing game company names, and why?

If you branded your own company, how did you arrive at your name?

Aside from making sure the name (and probably a ".com") is available, what other key factors should be accounted for in a name?

I imagine designers have a number of ideas for their company name (I know I do) but deciding which one is right can be tough! It may largely depend on the types of games you plan on creating, what your unique perspective or niche within the industry happens to be...but no one wants to limit themselves or their brand too much.


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I went through a lot of

I went through a lot of ideas.

I used to have an hour long drive to and from work where I would ponder on game designs and the best way to get the chores done in least amount of time. After hours of research i knew i wanted to self publish eventually so I used that driving time to come up with a company name.

I started with a focus on my last name, Markgraf. I even had a soft launch with Margraf Forge(d) games. I didnt really like it though. Anyway, during the drive I passed by a pawn shop also known as pawn broker. I was designing Smoking Aces among many other games at that time and Smoking Aces is a poker variant. One of the iconic cards in a poker deck (next to the Ace of Spades) is the joker. It just clicked then, pawn joker games. From their i decided it ahould be one word and the pawnjoker icon clicked pretty much as soon as the name did. A pawn with a jester hat.

Im happy with chosen name as it reflects board gaming is such a huge way, pawn and joker.

As far as things to look for in a name.... connection to the industry. Lasting appeal and something that ressonates with who you are.

And make sure its not taken so you can get domain space and the such.

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Oddball Games

For me the naming of my company was the easiest part, I chose Oddball Games. There is something about the word oddball that resonates with me, it makes me smile. It means I can try things that may not be normal or make sense and if anyone asks I can point to the name Oddball Games.

To me a name of company needs to mean something, not just to the person buying from the company but to the owner of the company as well. I did not worry too much about if there was .com free, I felt the name of the company reflected what I wanted to do.

I would agree you do not want to limit yourself to much. Some of the biggest company names have nothing to do with what they sell, they were able to create an image of what they do. In that regard I would say that how you present the company is just as important as the name itself.

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Here are a few names I've

Here are a few names I've been playing with.

Miniboss Games - creator of small, lighter games that pack a lot of replay power.

Lighthouse Games - again speaking to lighter, filler type games. Being a beacon of quality games in a crowded sea of options.

Flighthouse Games - variation adding some uniqueness, icon of a flying lighthouse seems cool (like below).

Soaring Castle Games - love the idea/image of a flying castle, a rich stronghold that sweeps you away to new and interesting places through our games.

Curious to know if any jump out as particularly strong???

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Lighthouse Games

I like Lighthouse Games. It is overly complex and it sounds nice, but I like light houses so that may be some bias there. Soaring Castle Games is also a good one that I like

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Joined: 05/01/2015
The issue with those proposed

The issue with those proposed names, particularly "Lighthouse Games" and "Miniboss Games," is they're not terribly unique. This raises the likelihood of confusion with other companies and their services. There is a digital games studio called Studio Miniboss in Brazil, and another digital game developer called Lighthouse Games Studio here in the US. Regardless of me being in analog gaming and they being in digital/console gaming, it's too close.

Even "Flighthouse Games" could be seen as confusing by the rules of the USPTO.

Obviously, the more unique your name (Tasty Minstrel, Blue Orange, iello, etc.) the better. I like having a common point of reference in a name that is easily understood, but it comes with a lot of potential liability...

Once again, Jamey Stegmaier's blog (with the board game lawyer Zachary Strebek advising) delivers some crucial truth!

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How about these titles

1: C.M. Games. Having your first and last initials for your company?

2: Mancini Games. Just have your last name as a company name.

3: Pick something you like. Animals, Colors, Shapes, Combine those ideas you have to come up with something unique.

4: Or how about a skill or talent or a hobby you like to do other than designing games that you may use as a company name for your game designing company.

Hope this helps.


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Fun topic

As a wannabe designer, I've pondered a few company names myself.

One came to me when I saw a student doodling a reverse mermaid. (Body and fish head, human legs) SO I thought the name "Fishlegs Games" would be kind of fun and have sort of an iconic looking mascot or logo. The longer that one sits in my head, the less I like it.

The one I currently like is "Game State University" or GSU for short. Especially if I end up with a few educational games. I pictured using a bunch of college style shirts and merch to go along with it if I were ever attending conventions.

Since my last name is Blankenship, some play off of that wouldn't be terribly hard to come up with. Even using the loose translation of "White Boat Games" would work. Though if I don't design games using boats, I don't really know if using boats or ships in the company name would be a very good idea.

In general, if you have a solid game, no one is really going to care what the company name is. Munchkin is hugely successful, and it's made by Steve Jackson Games. I mean, you don't get much more simple than that.

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I can't advice much about

I can't advice much about this.

The most, I like: Soaring Castle Games
Gives a nice impression.
But doesn't really roll over my tongue.


CloudCastle Games
CastleCloud Games

Joined: 04/08/2012
How about these titles

1: Light The Beacon Games

2: Beacon Games

3: Castle Keep Games

4: Rampart Games

5: Dragon Castle Games

6: BeanStalk Games

7: Soaring Eagle Games

8: Hero & Villain Games

9: Catapult Games

10: Cloud Castle Games

11: Compass Games

12: Arrow Flight Games

These names just came to me. I did not check google if any of these game title companies exist. Feel absolutely free to use any of these titles. I already have a group name.

Happy Hunting,

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Being a fan of alliteration I

Being a fan of alliteration I do like Cloud Castle Games...CCG for short. Still keeps that visual of a flying stronghold.

I also like Castle Gate Games as it really flows nicely off the tongue, but what it's greater meaning is, I don't know. It does sound like fantasy games...

Stormy I like your ideas of taking things one like and combining words to create something unique; that seems like a sure-fire way to come up with some fun (and available) options! That I will have to play with; makes me think that a random "Game Publisher Company Name Generator" could be a fun thing to play with, like this video game name generator:

This is getting way ahead of myself, but I do like the notion of a mascot...that's what drew me to Miniboss Games, as a cool little monster would be a great mascot to draw people in at conventions. I suppose any name could feature a mascot (Castle Gate Games could feature a knight or something).

Anyways I know I steered the discussion to my own thoughts for names, but hopefully this thread can be of help to others looking to find that perfect branding for themselves and their games.

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Very cool, thanks Stormy!

Very cool, thanks Stormy!

Black Table Games
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Company Names

We arrived at our name after a long process. We wanted something that was simple, easy to remember, had meaning to us and would allow for SEO (meaning it wasn't already taken be another company or business entity).

You've already mentioned making sure your name is available, so I assume you know about all the trademark legal stuff. However, when people go to look up your game or site, you don't want them to have to flip through 70 other search results before they finally find you (if they keep looking). That's where search engine optimization (SEO) becomes important. If you pick a name that already has affiliations with a bigger company (like if you wanted to name your company "Starbuck" rather than "Starbucks") you might want to rethink it just because you'll be hard to find.

Having a name that is relatively short and easy to remember is good. Not just for you but for buyers too. People at a con (where you would find the best crowd for marketing) are going to hear a ton of new names and be inundated with new logos. If yours is catchy and short, it's more likely to stick.

Good luck.

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To: Chris

Your quite welcome.

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I can share some experience

I can share some experience as well.

Naming the company and/or trade mark is one of the really toughest things. Why? Well, because it will stuck. They will know you by it. It should be something you like, but also something that sounds really good and can easily be identified in search engines (you want as many hits as possible, no?).

Take something that you like. Change it as many times as possible. Go for uniqueness, for identifiability (what a word, eh). Don't be afraid to experiment. And always be ready to change if need be.

For a long time, Flintlock Games was stuck in my head. Nice word, not too popular, awesome opportunity for a logo. I even had our designers sketch it and it looked perfect. Two days ago, after months of work, my partner, Peter, came up with another name, that is both cool sounding, memorable, funny and unoccupied. It's also something very Bulgarian (we're from Bulgaria) and gives out our nationality for those ready to search for it.

Cherry Cannon Games.

So, advice: choose a few that you like, ask as many people as you can, but keep an open mind. I hope you find your name very soon ^^

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Picking a name is definetly a

Picking a name is definetly a hard choice. People will know you by that name, that isn't to say that you can't even change your name though. I mean, look at blizzard.

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