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For old ccg/tcg games

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I hope this is okay. If not delete or move the post. Thank you sir.

A Facebook page popped up for out of print ccg and tcg games.

Thought I share with you all.


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As long as you are not marketing Garage Doors...

Just as an aside: I've been getting spammers who want sponsored posts here on We are a no SPAM website. So Garage Doors have nothing to do with TableTop Game Design...

But don't worry Jessy (@Stormyknight1976) "retro" or "old-school" CCGs/TCGs are very relevant... And it's the "Water Cooler" section which is a bit more permissive of content...


Note #1: I made the mistake a couple weeks ago when someone asked for a SPONSORED post. They wanted to pay me to put up a thread regarding their product (where to find used boxes - for moving).

This was my mistake, I actually responded to that e-mail. BIG MISTAKE. Now I get a bunch of people asking for more sponsored posts or links from this website to theirs (for how to prepare for a marathon...)

I didn't know RESPONDING to the SPAM would encourage more SPAM (duh!) ATM I am hoping that the messages die-down... Because it's pennies on a dollar. And I'm not interested in "monetizing" for referral links in the messages (which act like URL links to outer websites).

Note #2: Basically it's a bunch of people that want to piggy-back on daily unique visitor rate for their blogs and products. They don't give a cr@p about

Note #3: I was surprised to see Jyhad (ETS) and not "Blood Wars" (in the D&D and Planescape Universe). I guess "Blood Wars" cards are HARD to come by!

Note #4: Wow "Blood Wars" is selling on EBAY! Like $300+ USD for over 1,000 cards (including 100+ Rare cards). Guess that game is old enough that the cards have some kind of inherent value...

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