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Selling a domain name

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Hi - not the run of the mill question, but I've had limited success in finding someone with the experience of selling a domain name.

In brief, what I thought initially was a spam email asking if I was interested in selling a parked domain name I have acquired, has led to an offer to purchase.

Has anyone here sold a domain name before and more importantly, how did the payment/exchange happen?

I'm thinking Paypal....private for them, payment upfront for me etc

Thanks all!

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Escrow service?

Not sure of the amounts involved or the fees charged but escrow services can protect both parties.

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My only experience was when

My only experience was when EA left us a message about wanting to buy my wife's business domain name. We got in contact with them, and it turned out that we were actually dealing with a third-party proxy contracted by them with no serious interest in purchasing the domain. Our sales negotiation was just a ploy in their attempt to secure a non-competition agreement without compensation in anticipation of EA releasing a similarly titled game. All-in-all, it was a shitty experience.

I do agree with you about PayPal, although if there is any chance of your buyer being shady, keep in mind the potential for a chargeback. Money orders are always a good option.

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