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A touch of Evil, from Flying Frog.

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Willem Verheij
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I've played some D&D: The fantasy board game the last two days to examine its combat system a bit for my own game, had not played that one in 10 years.

But now I'm planning to bring out A touch of Evil for the weekend.

It's definately the main inspiration for my own board game, hence I am quite curious to hear about others their thoughts on this game.

To me it is a very beautifull and immersive game with a lot of variety and options, every adventure really tells a story which to me also makes it fun to watch the adventures of other players.

Last time I played it with my nephew, the elegant looking vampire lady was his character.
First she went exploring at the Inn where she fell off the roof when investigating it and was knocked out. Then she went to the manor where she was poisoned. Then she was mugged at the ruins, but nothing could be stolen. Returning to the manor, she was attacked by the wherewolf which we imagined, jumped through the window during a dinner party and dragged her out into the woods where she was later found, again knocked out.
That string of misfortunes just made it quite hillarious.

And in the meanwhile, my inquisitor was a badass. She fought the wherewolf twice during attacks and held her own, also killed four or such of its ferral kin and was heavily armed with a rifle and silver bullets.

I did allow my nephew to take a crack at the wherewolf first before I tried it though, since I knew I would beat it easily with those silver bullets. And he did win the battle, and I was quite happy for him.

And each time its played, the game has wonderfull stories like that.

The downsides I feel are that in some cases the early game can be brutal, especially with the necromancer who keeps spawning zombies every turn by default, and possibly even more. It requires some gearing up before you can take them on.

And then you can still gear up some more and become very overpowered. There's times I rolled like 14 attack dice.
On the other hand, some villains can get very overpowered too, and it gets quite a mess during showdown to juggle all those cards and tokens that get added to both the player and the villain's regular stats.

The rulebook is also a little messy, most rules speak for themselves and are easy to memorise, but since theres so many rules since so many things can happen, the manual does need to be consulted every game at some point.

Still, I really like this game. What I really like is that each location has its own deck themed specifically for that location.
The town elders also play a role, and this actually can help with that overpowered gear stuff since there can be a book burning, ban on guns or other stuff, which means all players need to roll for each such item to see if it stays or is removed from the game, any of those items for sale is also rolled for.

What I also really like is how each hero really plays differently. Their stats can be improved with items so eventually that has lesser meaning, but the special abilities really give just enough to give them a unique advantage.

But again, I'd really like to hear others their thoughts on this game since I think it would be of great use to me. Since its the most similar to my own idea.

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