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Update : Dymino Monsters.

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First Monster Encounter

Thank you for taking the time to respond out of your busy schedule Kris. I have no problem sharing a character from my Dymino Monsters game.

For the play mats I have drawn, yes I would of like to have kept them all in B&W, but I financially can not pay for artists until 2022. Personal reasons, ya know and yes I agree with you on having all of my play mats transferred to digital, that has been a long time plan from the beginning. For me though, taking the time to hand color all of my play mats is calming and also teaches me about the color schemes for each piece. Yes, my colors are limited, but seeing the play mats in color form also helps the play testers visualize what the play mats will look like once I get them to the digital format. My goal for these play mats is to have them on mouse pad like maps or just like folded paper play mats. Also to purchase a computer so I can do all of the details for the game.

My very first Dymino Monsters Encounter: Toronado drawn by my cousin in 2013 of March. The name of Toronado was created by me: Jesse F. in April 2004. I colored this concept artwork in November 2013 with a Blue Banner and a Green Banner. Then scanned it to my computer, then used windows paint (because it's all I had financially to use). From there, Microsoft Excel, cropped, shrunk , added my own boxes, text and gave it a 3d effect on the program. The axe design was created by my cousin who asked if he could come up with the axe design. I said,"sir, you have free reign to design what you feel that will fit this character." Thank you Tye.

I will add a few pictures in the art prototype gallery.

I am also putting a Monster Encounter Encyclopedia together with artwork and stats.

Monster Card Artwork:

I have thought about this concept many years and in 2013 , I have decided to have no monster art on the cards.


1: Well, financially, as we all know, that's alot of money and artists to have. I would really love to have artwork for each monster, a big team of artists etc. That's another goal in life I would like to endure but, I'm not at that stage yet.

2: With that being said for number 1, with no artwork for the monsters, this will keep finances or production costs low cost for every other detail for the game line up.

3: Aesthetically, for story telling, it's for the players to imagine what each monster looks like while playing the game.

Which cards will have art?

1: All 12 playable characters with each of their own different style of art for all of the 4 level weapon skill technique cards.

2: All 8 factions so far will have their own color border and armor color scheme for each different division.

3: Titans will have artwork 45 cards in total.

4: Sub-Bosses will have artwork 30 cards in total.

What about all of the 972 weapons and 902 armors?

I have written two booklets for each with a price guide. No artwork for these two categories on the cards, but I'm still debating on that.

Monster encounters so far in total, 2,500 +. This list is just in the first novel core and its expansion chapter decks and for the second novel expansion chapter decks. I'm currently working on the last 3 novels with its many chapter expansion decks.

There is so much in this game for details, this is why I am in no rush to get it out on to the store shelves. That and financially.

Thank you so much for the questions, Kris. If there are any more questions, feel free to ask.

Creator of Dymino Monsters

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I fully understand

Yeah card artwork can be very expensive. I feel for you... Because I can also really "related". How? Well my first game (when I was a NOOB) Quest Adventure Cards(tm)... I had designed a game kids could enjoy. But I had no idea how to MARKET my game. Therefore I lost a nest egg that I had saved for many years before. I was a hard lesson to learn... And I keep learning new things each and every day.

That game was very "plain". It wasn't boring, it had "nice" art and to me I accomplished my lifelong goal of having a ... BARCODE! (LOL true). But the game was simple: set collection and some Take-That.

Pretty basic stuff for any game.

But as I design other games, I can't help but return to my one true love: Quest Adventure Cards(tm) ... The Second Edition! Now I'm making it a goal in life to SELF-PUBLISH this CCG with booster packs and booster boxes. But I know in ART alone it's going to cost $30,000 CAD (which is about $20,000 USD) and I don't have that kind of money ... Since I blew most of it on Quest Adventure Cards(tm) ... The First Edition.

So this GAME (2nd Edition) is on my mind... but on the "back-burner".

I know art is costly and I respect your financial obligations... Mine are probably similar to your since I blew a lot on Quest then TradeWorlds and now Monster Keep.

You seem committed to bringing your game to life. My 3rd project on the list is "Monster Keep". I am working hard to complete this game... While I am awaiting some more art for "Crystal Heroes".

So congratulations on being so focused. I hope that your designs are fruitful and that you find someone who can help you realize your goal of making Dymino Monsters a reality.


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Bows respectively

I wish you all the luck upon your game designs to fruition as well, Kris/Quest CCG.

Bows respectively

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Brand New Update

I just added a new prototype play mat picture in the photo album.

Have a look and let me know what your thoughts are. I still have 3 more sections to color in. Hopefully the site will allow me to upload the picture once I am complete with the coloring in 2 days.

Creator of Dymino Monsters

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Dymino Monsters Solo Demo

Last night on Dymino Monsters/HornGull Kingdom Facebook page I have created a

Solo Demo Game Play By Play.

Check out the Topics section

Look for D.M. Demo Videos and Pictures

There are 33 pictures of how to play with 1 of the 12 characters.

I chose :

Whisper Trueheart
Race: Reptileon
Hybrid: Reptile and Lion

If you are interested in what you see, please feel free to ask questions here or on my Dymino Monsters/HornGull Kingdom page.

Thank you all once again for your ongoing support, likes for my game.

Bows respectively,


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Brand New Update

Brand New Update:

So bear with me here for a moment and let me tell you all what I have been doing all night long. Like, no seriously.

From May 4, 2020 8:30 PM to May 5, 2020 6:17 AM I have been working on the Dymino Monsters: Monsters Encyclopedia. I have one more chapter deck from just the 1st. novel franchise sets.

Then to work on The Wicker Tangle Chronicles Monsters Encyclopedia chapter deck sets.

Then of course on to the Dymino Monsters: Birth Reign Second Era chapters which are bear (roar) right now. So there is that.

A few weeks back I was also working on the Dymino Monsters Character Encyclopedia. I'm not completed with that yet, say 25 % complete. Okay let's face it, 15 % complete. Yeah. Yeah. Um, that's more like it.

In other news:

While working on the Monsters Encyclopedia, I removed quite a few cards and took out the entire THUNDER category from the 3rd chapter deck Dymino Monsters: Sacred Stars. The category itself just doesn't make any sense for this game world and its story. So, I literally and finally after 16 years in coming to a conclusion to RIP out the THUNDER category.

You guys and gals have no "IDEA" how good that felt to just do it. And I've moved on. Like ripping off a bandaid that just sat on the arm for far to long.

So far so good. I'll put another update tonight or actually within the hour to give you all a total monster count for just the 1st novel franchise chapter decks.

Creator of Dymino Monsters;


There are 638 Monster encounters for the 1st novel franchise chapter deck sets, including the core deck.


Years ago, I have written that the game world has 2,500 encounters. Yes , even though so far there are 638 monster encounters for the first part Core franchise 7 Novels.

There are more encounters to write down in the book.

And yes, my main goal is to have 5,000 monster encounters. It's a relative goal to accomplish for this small game world.

Why 5,000 monster and creature encounters? An immersive world where you will never see an encounter in the same region. Okay, well let's face it, there are encounters that have shown their existence in other regions of Triidorium. It happens due to climate / seasonal changes, environmental conditions or other factors that affect the overall population of the species.

Special Note:
I goofed on the Month of this post. I worked on the Dymino Monsters: Monsters Encyclopedia on May 4 , 5. I had copied and pasted the text from my Facebook page to here and realized the mistake. Also the number count was supposed to be at 638 not 632.

May 6, 2020
Last Update editing for this post;

May 6, 2020 at 6:48 PM
I completed the Core Chapter deck entry of Cryum's Crypt and the number for the Encyclopedia ended at 664.

Followed by Rise of the Titans chapter deck 665-686.

Dymino Monsters: Monsters Encyclopedia
Wicker Tangle Chronicles

Encyclopedia number count:

687 - 944.

This number count is only for monsters, creatures. The 2,500 encounters in total were including all of the factions at the time which included encounters. I will include them at the very end of the Encyclopedia. Right now, I'm concentrating on just monsters / creatures.

I have 51 miscellaneous monsters that have not been chapter deck categorized. These will be for the next three novellas. That will be 80 chapter decks to be filled.

Creator of Dymino Monsters;

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Here's what's happening this month

I'm half way completed with just the Emotion Dwellers Type category for each card while working on the reverse title on each card.

Then to continue with all 400 descriptions for each card.

Stay tuned for more information on Dymino Monsters.

Thank you all for your ongoing support, likes and shares.

Bows respectively


The letters/words of this deck I am working on are the following categories :

E, F, G, Almost completed with H. Then to work with P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, Y, X.

There are no emotions to describe letter X.

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Playmat looks cool!

Stormyknight1976 wrote:
I just added a new prototype play mat picture in the photo album.

Have a look and let me know what your thoughts are.

I think your playmats look AWESOME! Seriously. They're 3D/Isometric and you're not bad at coloring them. One note that you should think about is:

ALWAYS "scan" your Black & White Playmats such that you B&W JPGs on your computer. Why? Digital coloring can be pretty amazing. I've worked with two (2) artists who do "traditional" painting... But nowadays most people prefer "digital art". And so now they pencil and ink (optional) on cardboard... But SCAN to do the coloring on computer.

Anyways that's just some advice... Or a tip I have learned from the people that I have worked with (2 artists: Geof and Charles).

Keep up the great work... Who knows, you may find someone to illustrate your game for you (not the playmats - those you seem to be capable of handling yourself just fine...)

Cheers @Jesse!

Note #1: I think Charles did his sketches and illustration all digital. I don't think he did any hand-drawings for the game... He's very talented ... So he's capable of doing pure digital art!

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Very kind of you to say those words, Kris.

To answer your suggestion, yes, I do plan to get all of my play mats to digital once I get my finances up to where I need to be. So, I have been learning my drawing skills more and more.

I still have lots of more details to work on this project.

Bows respectively,


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This months new Update

Hello and great evening folks.

I'm so excited to share this news with you all. For the last 8 days I have been hand writing my Dymino Monsters production script.

I had intended to write the script back in 2018 of March 21. I wrote about 4 1/2 pages then got caught with working on the cards, play mats for Dymino Monsters so I put that project aside.

February 2, 2020 I wrote 15 - 23. My setup of writing the production script was to only write 1 page per side of the note book.

Flip the cover , read one side of the page, flip the page read the right side of the page etc. But on June 6, 2020: I changed my format to double page like I normally do for script writing and went to work on it.

At a later date, I'll put the hand written script to digital format.

Will there be a part 2? Yes. There will be a part 2.

I'm so proud of myself to have this script completed. I wrote, edited it from the 5 chapters of my book during these 7 days.

It's an action Adventure movie that ties into Dymino Monsters. Triidorium is the world that Dymino (main protagonist) lives on.

Now to work on the other details to Dymino Monsters. Just so excited.

If I make it into a movie, it will be a movie if not , I'm not worried about it either. Just another goal completed.

Achievement Unlocked and awarded. Lol

Creator of Dymino Monsters;

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Brand New Update

Hello and greeting all new members of bgdf.

For todays content I just added a picture to the Miscellaneous Artwork Album on this site to show you all my latest project for Dymino Monsters.

Years ago, I have always dream of putting a wood box together for my game Dymino Monsters. During the last week and a half, I have finally gather enough finances to purchase many wood slates and a wood burning kit.

I am so excited to be able to go more in depth with my project that I had envisioned for so long. To be at least unique for my game.

In the Miscellaneous artwork album, the picture I have added is a 21.5 x 10 inch box from what the tag and receipt details are.

When I had added the following contents to the box:

2 double six domino sets
1 Character deck
1 Monster encounters deck
1 bag of health gems

The weight was still light. I do not have a scale but I can go next door to weigh it at a later time.

The other thing about this box is ; I still have enough room to add :

The Rule Book
1 Character Deck (extra)
1 bag of health gems (extra)
A novel chapter of the series
1 of 3 Wood burned House Banner Tags.

As of last Friday, I have wood burned 3 of the Main House Banner Flag Tags and yesterday I purchased more wood tags.

The picture I added to Miscellaneous had to be cropped due to mb storage.

In other news:

I have finally come up with the story to begin in the Dieselpunk storyline narrative of Dymino Monsters.

The Chapter deck is Titled: Balletonean.
We get to read and see the life of or female protagonist Princess Katalia who is traveling with her 12 Royal guards who have their own unique weapon skill technique abilities. They do not have a huge set of weapon skill techniques like the previous 12 playable characters in the High fantasy storyline, but rest assured that both sides (High Fantasy and the DieselPunk) will stay true to the original concept I had envisioned in 2012 when the main storyline was formed.

Thank you all once again for the ongoing support for this project.

Bows respectively;
Creator of Dymino Monsters

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This months new Update

Today's Announcement:

I am currently working on the Dymino Monsters World Weather system deck. It's been at least 2 1/2 months since our weather in real life has been quite nice. Meaning, even though we did receive some rain a week ago but it wasn't a constant event for days.

So , literally I actually had a break of no card deck editing. I was working on the wood burning projects.

So, the last few days I have been thinking and feeling a bit better to just sit and write in the living room quietly.

Other agendas include for today:

Emotion Dweller Chapter Deck
Toy Master Works Chapter Deck
Heart of The Valley Chapter Deck

These 4 chapter decks are the only subjects that need to be completed to get me to where I really need to be.

Where should I be :

Glad you asked. During this last 7 months of 2020, i have been contemplating back and forth about the details of the DieselPunk universe.

It's not what you think. It takes time to get the visuals, details, storyline, new concepts, finalizations to everything before prototyping on the cards, coming up with new encounters for the game system, puzzles, lore and backstory. There is more details to work on but these steps are just the beginning. Plus, I'm one person and I love doing what I do.

Thank you all for being patient with me and the ongoing support and process to Dymino Monsters.

Bows respectively,
Jesse Fernandez

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Also new content

After all of these years.
To keep the chapter deck?
Not to keep the chapter deck?

Oh, so many years.
Will it work?
Will the chapter deck fit?

Is it needed?

Through out the years , since 2012 if I remember correctly. I knew this chapter deck had promise and premise. It could work. Just know how it will fit. Luckily, this is what I do. Finding the pieces to the puzzle in this master puzzle design is truly rewarding.

Brand New Update:
Prototype Chapter Deck:
Dymino Monsters: Heart of The Valley is finally completed.

Other prototype chapter decks completed during March - August of quarantine.

Dymino Monsters: World Weather: 352 cards actually based on real Earth weather terminology and facts.

World Weather
11 Precipitation Categories (9 cards each category)
15 Obscuration Categories (9 cards each category)

Wind factor cards and other weather affects 118 cards.

Dymino Monsters: Toy Master Works prototype chapter deck: completed.

Dymino Monsters: Emotion Dweller prototype deck is still in production.

2 a.m. August 23, 2020
I finally formatted on a list for the Solar system of where TriiDorium is.


Though I have not come up with the Solar System name yet.

Each planet in this model solar system is named after the Toy Master Works. Except for 1.

Since there is a solar system, will the story move to other planets for game play?

Answer: ???

Creator of Dymino Monsters;
Jesse Fernandez

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