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Update : Dymino Monsters.

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First Monster Encounter

Thank you for taking the time to respond out of your busy schedule Kris. I have no problem sharing a character from my Dymino Monsters game.

For the play mats I have drawn, yes I would of like to have kept them all in B&W, but I financially can not pay for artists until 2022. Personal reasons, ya know and yes I agree with you on having all of my play mats transferred to digital, that has been a long time plan from the beginning. For me though, taking the time to hand color all of my play mats is calming and also teaches me about the color schemes for each piece. Yes, my colors are limited, but seeing the play mats in color form also helps the play testers visualize what the play mats will look like once I get them to the digital format. My goal for these play mats is to have them on mouse pad like maps or just like folded paper play mats. Also to purchase a computer so I can do all of the details for the game.

My very first Dymino Monsters Encounter: Toronado drawn by my cousin in 2013 of March. The name of Toronado was created by me: Jesse F. in April 2004. I colored this concept artwork in November 2013 with a Blue Banner and a Green Banner. Then scanned it to my computer, then used windows paint (because it's all I had financially to use). From there, Microsoft Excel, cropped, shrunk , added my own boxes, text and gave it a 3d effect on the program. The axe design was created by my cousin who asked if he could come up with the axe design. I said,"sir, you have free reign to design what you feel that will fit this character." Thank you Tye.

I will add a few pictures in the art prototype gallery.

I am also putting a Monster Encounter Encyclopedia together with artwork and stats.

Monster Card Artwork:

I have thought about this concept many years and in 2013 , I have decided to have no monster art on the cards.


1: Well, financially, as we all know, that's alot of money and artists to have. I would really love to have artwork for each monster, a big team of artists etc. That's another goal in life I would like to endure but, I'm not at that stage yet.

2: With that being said for number 1, with no artwork for the monsters, this will keep finances or production costs low cost for every other detail for the game line up.

3: Aesthetically, for story telling, it's for the players to imagine what each monster looks like while playing the game.

Which cards will have art?

1: All 12 playable characters with each of their own different style of art for all of the 4 level weapon skill technique cards.

2: All 8 factions so far will have their own color border and armor color scheme for each different division.

3: Titans will have artwork 45 cards in total.

4: Sub-Bosses will have artwork 30 cards in total.

What about all of the 972 weapons and 902 armors?

I have written two booklets for each with a price guide. No artwork for these two categories on the cards, but I'm still debating on that.

Monster encounters so far in total, 2,500 +. This list is just in the first novel core and its expansion chapter decks and for the second novel expansion chapter decks. I'm currently working on the last 3 novels with its many chapter expansion decks.

There is so much in this game for details, this is why I am in no rush to get it out on to the store shelves. That and financially.

Thank you so much for the questions, Kris. If there are any more questions, feel free to ask.

Creator of Dymino Monsters

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I fully understand

Yeah card artwork can be very expensive. I feel for you... Because I can also really "related". How? Well my first game (when I was a NOOB) Quest Adventure Cards(tm)... I had designed a game kids could enjoy. But I had no idea how to MARKET my game. Therefore I lost a nest egg that I had saved for many years before. I was a hard lesson to learn... And I keep learning new things each and every day.

That game was very "plain". It wasn't boring, it had "nice" art and to me I accomplished my lifelong goal of having a ... BARCODE! (LOL true). But the game was simple: set collection and some Take-That.

Pretty basic stuff for any game.

But as I design other games, I can't help but return to my one true love: Quest Adventure Cards(tm) ... The Second Edition! Now I'm making it a goal in life to SELF-PUBLISH this CCG with booster packs and booster boxes. But I know in ART alone it's going to cost $30,000 CAD (which is about $20,000 USD) and I don't have that kind of money ... Since I blew most of it on Quest Adventure Cards(tm) ... The First Edition.

So this GAME (2nd Edition) is on my mind... but on the "back-burner".

I know art is costly and I respect your financial obligations... Mine are probably similar to your since I blew a lot on Quest then TradeWorlds and now Monster Keep.

You seem committed to bringing your game to life. My 3rd project on the list is "Monster Keep". I am working hard to complete this game... While I am awaiting some more art for "Crystal Heroes".

So congratulations on being so focused. I hope that your designs are fruitful and that you find someone who can help you realize your goal of making Dymino Monsters a reality.


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Bows respectively

I wish you all the luck upon your game designs to fruition as well, Kris/Quest CCG.

Bows respectively

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Brand New Update

I just added a new prototype play mat picture in the photo album.

Have a look and let me know what your thoughts are. I still have 3 more sections to color in. Hopefully the site will allow me to upload the picture once I am complete with the coloring in 2 days.

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Dymino Monsters Solo Demo

Last night on Dymino Monsters/HornGull Kingdom Facebook page I have created a

Solo Demo Game Play By Play.

Check out the Topics section

Look for D.M. Demo Videos and Pictures

There are 33 pictures of how to play with 1 of the 12 characters.

I chose :

Whisper Trueheart
Race: Reptileon
Hybrid: Reptile and Lion

If you are interested in what you see, please feel free to ask questions here or on my Dymino Monsters/HornGull Kingdom page.

Thank you all once again for your ongoing support, likes for my game.

Bows respectively,


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