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Update : Dymino Monsters.

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Started working

Yesterday evening during our slow time at the pizza shop I started working on the Dymino Monsters transportation point system. This consists of the land, sea and air transports.

So far :

Vessels / ships
4,000 attack Max
6,000 defense Max

Land transport
3,000 attack Max
4,000 defense Max

Air transport
1,000 attack Max
2,000 defense Max

So far this set up looks good to see what the variables for each category and transports points will be at the max.

Not all transports will have the max point load out only the size of weight output will have the max point load out.

After this or during this process, I will be getting back into filling out the rest of the 640 or so monster encounters list to complete and add to each area for the last 10 faction locations.

Then to work on the playmats, character and monster Encyclopedias, the armour and weapon Encyclopedias, the 4 production manuscripts, box cover artwork and character artwork.

Artwork will also be designed for the faction cards. The monster Encyclopedia will have the artwork and not on the cards themselves. This will keep the cost down for my game.

Thank you everyone for the ongoing support for my game Dymino Monsters.

Creator of Dymino Monsters:

Bows respectively

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Brand New Update

Just a small update for Dymino Monsters:

On May 24, 2021 I wrote 2 new monster encounters and just about 10 minutes ago May 26, 2021 at 2:40 am, I wrote 14 new monster encounters.

Only 581 names left to list to acquire my 2,500 goal of monster/creature encounters for the game.

It's great to refresh the ole creative thinking process for a month.

That is all for now. Going to bed.

Bows respectively

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Brand New Update


Dymino Monsters Encounter Update:

Wrote 41 new monster, creature, plant, insect, arachnid encounters at 1am to 1:15 am.

I'll add the picture to the Miscellaneous photo album if anyone is interested to see what I'm working on.

Bows respectively;

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Brand New Update

July 4, 2021
10:16 PM

Wrote 54 new encounters. Onyx category is now complete.

Onyx: 8: Category is complete.

Lapis Lazuli: 5
Amethyst: 6
Rock Crystal: 5
Carbuncle: 5
Emerald: 5
Jacinth: 5
Agate: 5
Beryl: 5
Jasper: 5

July 5, 2021
Wrote 6 new encounters to complete the Onyx category.

So what's left?

506 names for the list left!

To fill in the last 9 chapter deck Encounter list. Each deck has 56 cards.
There are 2 numbers left on the list 832 and 833. These numbers will fill out the 2,250 encounters that will inhabit the planet titled: Triidorium in the game.......

Dymino Monsters.

Stay tuned for more updates on Dymino Monsters;

Bows respectively,

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July 10 2021

From 2:35 am to 5 am

I wrote 157 new encounters and I have 306 names left to write for the Dymino Monsters monster encyclopedia.

I'm confident that after work tonight , all 306 names will be listed and I post when I'm completed.

I put up the current numbers in the picture album here on the site.

So excited, after all these years. Phew. Lol

Bows respectively;


Wrote another 32 new names and my nephew the Dymino Monsters Brand ambassador helped with 9 names and we completed lapis lazuli category.

Last night before 12 am, I wrote 17 new names and completed Amethyst category.

I have 271 names left.

Stay tuned for more updates.


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Update to Dymino Monsters

7/13/2021 from 4:45 am to 6:32 am: Rock Crystal category 35 names completed.

With 1 new location for Dymino Monsters.

I had made a mistake on my numbers and had to edit them in my main monster Encyclopedia book. I wrote 223 , 244. This ment I was missing 20 numbers from writing the numbers last. So the actual list of names were only 1,397 and not 1,417 lol. So by adding 1,397 + 840 with the new list, I only had 2,237. So I added another 23 numbers to get to 2,260. I didn't want to stop with 13 extra numbers. Not that I'm superstitious, I just didn't want to stop with 13 numbers, so I added 20 more.

Last count on how many names I had left to fill in was 274. Now with the new names I just filled in this morning, that brought the count down to 239.

This is awesome, but, le sigh, by adding 23 new numbers to the list, the numbers went upto 262.

Which is fine by me.

So how am I creating new names?

Simple, I use the random number generator from my Dymino Monsters constellation booklet and from monster Encyclopedia booklet. I look up two numbers in the books to come up with a new encounter. Seeing that I have enough monsters to mix and match , it's far easier for me to get this last task done fairly quick.

Did I always use the random number generator?

No, not until I got to the last 306 names to fill in.

I would of been done on Sunday 3 days ago like I was considering and knowingly I had tons of confidence in doing, I had other projects and sleep that got in the way. Lol.

So, I'm excited to figure out another simple way to help me on this major project that is kept within the monster Encyclopedia project and other Dymino Monsters details.


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Almost complete

This morning

12:35 am to 5am
Carbuncle category completed = 39 names

In total with the other categories I wrote 117 names.

Names In Total Left in Each Category:

Emerald: 26
Jacinth: 27
Agate: 31
Beryl: 29
Jasper: 30

143 in total left. Another long morning after work to get this list complete.

It all looks confusing, but I assure you all that I date each list for progress.


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Almost complete


Emerald and Jacinth categories are complete this morning.

Only 90 names left to fill in.

I'm going to bed now before work.

Creator of Dymino Monsters,

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Dymino Monsters Encyclopedia

Ladies and gentlemen:

The Dymino Monsters Encyclopedia list is officially complete at

5:54 am on 7/18/2021.

Last night 7/17/2021 I completed

Agate category with the last 35 names at 11:07 PM.

From 11:54 PM to 4:28AM on 7/18/2021

I completed the Beryl category with the last 27 names.

From 4:54 AM to 5:54 AM on 7/18/2021

I completed the Jasper category with the last 27 names.

I also added 2 more names to the roster.

From February 6, 2021 to July 18, 2021 all 865 names have been completed.

Next stage development for Dymino Monsters:

1: Work on the new 865 prototype monster cards and point system.

2: Work on the Dymino Monsters: Vessel names etc.

3: Work on new isometric play mats.

4: Work on the story.

Stay tuned for more updates on Dymino Monsters.

Thank you everyone for the ongoing support for my game Dymino Monsters project.

Bows respectively;


7/21/2021 1:55 am to 7/21/2021 2:24 am

I just cut the last 200 index prototype cards in half.

Now to work on the 865 text and point system for these cards that will go into the next 15 plus chapter decks for Dymino Monsters.

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Brand New Update

This past week has been exciting to see how far my project has come along. I've been hand writing the Name, Type and description to 640 out of 867 cards.

I stayed up this morning to 9:36 am to get as far as I could before going to bed.

Which categories did I complete for the prototype cards?

Rock Crystal

On July 25, 2021

Lapis Lazuli

From 7/ 22 , 23 , 24 / 2021

I worked on the non category cards 1 - 159.

Gem related categories are complete with just text with no point system...yet.

Carnelian 160 - 214
Peridot 215 - 271
Onyx 272 - 327
Lapis Lazuli 328 - 383
Amethyst 384 - 439
Rock Crystal 440 - 495
Carbuncle 496 - 551
Emerald 552 - 607

Extra non category cards completed with text but no point system...yet.

834 - 866 = 33 cards

Categories I will work on tonight are as follows:

Jancinth 608 - 663
Agate 664 - 719
Beryl 720 - 775
Jasper 776 - 833

Then on to the point system.

What will the point system look like?

All of the card categories I have mentioned above will consist of the numbers from the double 9 and double 12 domino sets.

Basic 9, 10, 11 and 12.

For example:

Some cards will have

Add +9 attack or defense on first , and third dymin (domino) tiles.

Add +10 defense on second and third dymin tiles.

Add +11 attack on first dymin tile.

Add +12 defense on fourth dymin tile.

As with my other previous cards, there are up to 4 numbers to add for attack or defense on the monster, creatures and other entities.

There are plenty of cards I intentionally left blank where the tiles are the base attack and defense points.

Why did I do that?

To throw off the standard notion that all of the monsters, creatures and other entities have added point systems to their cards / natural abilities during combat of survival instincts.

What ever the tiles read, that's what the base attack or defense mode is.

If a monster, creature and other entity moves upto your character anywhere on the field location, the monster starts combat attack phase. The character is in defense mode. Both combatants have upto 4 dymin tiles to flip over during this phase.

Player can throw down a combo breaker card and move in for a counter attack if the player has any combo breaker cards left.

Dymin tiles that are in play do NOT get removed. Simply add up the attack points on the character 4 dymin tiles to see the results for counter attack. If the numbers of the counter attack to the target are higher, the target is defeated. If not, the target strikes again with the same dymin tiles.

How does a character defeat such a foe with less attack points on the dymin tiles?

Players can use their weapon skill technique cards for added points to their dymin tiles. Be it added attack points or added defense points. Players can use upto 9 of these weapon skill technique abilities cards at any time, but once used up, you need to purchase the ability cards.

Stay tuned for more updates on Dymino Monsters. Bows respectively


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Completed details

Here is what was completed from 7/26/2021 - 7/28/2021

Completed prototype cards with text (no point system yet)

Rock Crystal 56
Carbuncle 56 cards
Emerald 56 cards

July 27, 2021
Completed prototype cards with text but 1 card has point system in the Jancinth category

Jacinth 56 cards
Agate 56 cards
Beryl 56 cards


Completed last category prototype cards with text but with no point system yet.

Jasper 56 cards

I also filled out the following chapter deck Encounter list from the 867 names list

Guardian Passage
Northern Flora State
Fire Wire City
Halls of Great Joselin

Stay tuned for more updates.


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1 new game mechanic

Im adding a Brand New Dymino Monsters Game Mechanic :

Dymin Rage:

Characters can only access their Dymin Rage when the character has 1 health gem left only.

The rage can also only be accessed when the player has reached Rank 2 or higher.

Dymin Rage accesses upto 18 weapon skill technique cards at 1 time for an ultimate skill attack.

Warning: Beware of Combo Break system from target awareness.

Why level 2 and higher? Well each level character only has 5 to 6 w.s.t (weapon skill technique cards) to start with. Level 2 w.s.t. has more cards and you can combine a level 1 and 2 set at any time but only upto 9 cards. So, it only make sense that you can add upto 18 cards at 1 health gem if a player is about to be defeated or try to survive with one more burst of energy. Players can buy hearts or ask for help from other players to stay in the game or fight for that last cause. That's only for no other choice. Even if a player is defeated, they dont exit the game, that player (s) just go back to the beginning side of the play mat. The game is over if no player can buy a heart or have any food cards left to be used for health. It's just a last stand fighting chance.

All players have 9 combo breaker cards to break the attack or defense from a target on the field. Combo breakers are strategically designed to be used when you the player see and tactical advantage of over taking the offense or defense of a target.

Remember, all characters when ranked at level 4 (the max) have 60 plausible weapon skill technique cards (abilities) at their disposal. You can combine normally 9 of those cards any way you want from level 1 to level 4. The abilities of 60 cards by 24 different characters is a massive mind blowing feature. I only have 12 sets so far for the first 12 character cards player can choose from. I have not started on the next 12.



Been talking to message game group and we talked it over.

Dymin Rage name will be changed.

Grant had mentioned about the pokemon Rage ability name not the mechanic and it was what came to his mind about my new game game mechanic title to pokemon.

He was concerned about the name.

So, with that in mind the NEW TITLE to my game mechanics with have to abilities and not just one.

DyminStrike for offense
Perfect Guard for Defense


Joined: 07/20/2017

Hello, it has been some time since my last post/comment. I have a question about the new mechanic, more specifically about Perfect Guard. I'd assume that this guard could not be broken/destroyed. Is there any possible way to counter the Perfect Guard? Say for example someone uses this move and they get attacked. Is there any way for the attack to land?

Joined: 04/08/2012
Great question

Hey Screw up John,

What a great question:

Below is just one opportunity of a hinting the sentence below. It's pretty much self explanatory but it's also about timing.

Warning: Beware of Combo Break system from target awareness.

It all depends on how the players play the game the way they want to play.

I know, I know I'm being very subtle about details but as a game designer and playtester, I can and or could tell you how I play, but that would spoil the game play, though i do have other techniques to play the game.

Thank you asking a great question, sir.


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Today's Update

4:45 am to 5:40 am

Dymino Monsters Encounter Lists

1: The Cross of The Titan Triangle Temple completed. 25 cards

2: Ancient Garden completed. 50 cards

3: Tog Empire / State of Companion completed. 50 cards

4: Caldeanna completed. 42 cards

There are 7 faction locations left to complete. Which will be completed in the next two days.

1: Monterello

2: Lordonamea

3: TriiDor Empire

4: Safarono

5: Minotaurians

6: Trueheart

7: King Dehm

Then I can concentrate on the Transportation details and all of the prototype cards.


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Getting closer and closer

As you can all tell I have been rapidly updating the page in the last few months this year and I am getting closer and closer to finishing the first half of my game's development.

I try to wait a few days so it doesn't look like I'm just spamming the page for attention. That's not it at all.

I update the process of the details and then share with you all about that process.

This morning I have the following categories completely filled in.


Triidor Empire

For the following category, I had to stop half way through because I was falling asleep this morning, haha.


I had to stop here due to pizza orders to be made here at the restaurant I manage.

Q: What is the difference between the lists you've been sharing?

A 1: I wrote 863 encounters to fill in new chapter decks.

A 2: Those lists of names are being divided into potential locations where each faction live in the world of Triidorium.

After this is completed, I will work on the point system.

Q: Why can't you just work on both projects at the same time?

A: Great question. I could actually do that, but I want to focus on getting these lists done then focus on the next goal in development.

Q: Why didn't you just go digital text format during development all these years and not use the index cards?

A: I couldn't afford a home computer to use. I how ever did purchase a laptop last year but it's such a piece of brick software. But I wont get into that. However I will buy a better laptop or computer to use. Plus I wanted a physical copy of cards to playtest with that was cheaper than ink and printing.


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Dymino Monsters Manuscript

Tonight I read through the production manuscript on Facebook live under the Dymino Monsters Facebook account if anyone is interested.


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OMG you must have a LOT of patience...

Stormyknight1976 wrote:
As you can all tell I have been rapidly updating the page in the last few months this year and I am getting closer and closer to finishing the first half of my game's development...

OMG I thought you were going to say "You've FINISHED the ENTIRE game!" LOL

Stormyknight1976 wrote:
I try to wait a few days so it doesn't look like I'm just spamming the page for attention. That's not it at all.

No worries, it's your given right to post about anything game related. And as long as it's not religious or political, you can post in the Water Cooler too!

Don't feel BAD that you are posting MORE often... That's great to hear that you are getting real PROGRESS! I have a different view when it comes to ANY game ATM. I understand the time taken to invest in making a game, we are 3 years behind the delivery of TradeWorlds (TW). So I know what it means to be "all-in"!

But all the best to you and Dymino Monster(s)! Cheers.

Joined: 04/08/2012

Thank you for the kind words sir.

I'm looking forward to getting one of two of my largest projects completed.

I have put Quiet Terror survival horror Parapsychology rpg Campaign on hold for quite some time, actually like 2 or 3 years when one of my nephews was creating a character for the Quiet Terror game. We were able to play half a session.

So, still along way off but getting closer.

Bows respectively

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Brand New Update

During our quiet time at the pizza shop during 5 PM today, I did the following.

I completed the names of each lists for each category:

Safarono : 50 names

Minotaurians : 30 names

TrueHeart : 30 names

King Dehm : 40 names

Now to concentrate on the prototype cards and point system and the transportation cards, point system and cards.

Then the chapter deck story tie in, start on production manuscript number 2, and then drawing the new location playmats.

Thank you everyone for the ongoing support and interest in my game project.

Bows respectively,

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Brand New Update

Last night I finally came to the conclusion after many months this year, to use the following for the Dymino Monsters Transportation classification system.

As one of the game's motto reads:

Everything connects for a reason.

There are 12 Constellation vessel classifications.

There are 12 Gem vessel classifications.


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Dymino Monsters Encyclopedia

Here's what to expect for all of the Dymino Monsters Encyclopedia

1: Armor Encyclopedia includes Blacksmith Inventory

2: Book of Knowledge Encyclopedia

3: Character Encyclopedia

4: Constellation Encyclopedia

5: Dymino Monsters: The Difficulty Traveling Around Triidorium (Game Guide)

6: Monster Encyclopedia

7: Weapon Encyclopedia

Book of Knowledge includes:

1: Dymin Coins, Faeyton Coins

2: Emotion Dwellers, Emotional Reflection, Points of Interest

3: Factions and Transportation

4: Food System, Trade, Barter & Sell System, Scavaging Inventory List

5: Gears, Gemstones and Keys

6: House Banners

7: Titans

8: Toy Master Works

9: Triidorium Calendar, Moon Phases , Solar System

10: World Atlas

11: World Weather

12: Weapon Skill Technique Sets 1 and 2

This information was written this morning from 6:01 am to 6:25 am on August 19, 2021


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Dymino Monsters Puzzle

Four clues to an interesting puzzle

Key to the North :
But what does it open? It lies South.

Key to the East
But what does it open? It lies West.

Key to the South
But what does it open? It lies North.

Key to the West
But what does it open? It lies East.

Grant (Librarian Archeologist) Haha mirror Directions?

Baladore (Librarian Headmaster) Look, there's more to the puzzle.

"It all depends on where it lies. Perhaps a reflection, perhaps a direction.
Perhaps no where at all.
But what is the key to it all?
Truth or a lie. Can it be found or will it be lost forever?"

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September 8, 2021

As promised I completed the following:

Northern Flora State prototype cards
Fire Wire City prototype cards
The Cross of the Titan Triangle Temple prototype cards

Complete with text on obverse and reverse.

No point system yet, but it will be with the domino 12 set.

Since this part of the storyline, the diesel punk storyline will include the domino 12 set.

In further news:

September 9, 2021
I started and completed by adding and edited the Dymino Monsters core deck for 2 sets to send to a board and card game blogger who has been eager to playtest my game Dymino Monsters for several months now. So, I took some time this morning to work on that.

The blogger has been following my game Dymino Monsters for about a year and a half now at most. Exciting to say the least. He also wants to showcase the game on his live stream and with his game team who are going to playtest the cards as well.

Can't wait to see and hear what they have to say for just 1 of the Dymino Monsters game variants.


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Tell me...

Do you find that your "inspiration" for the game "comes-and-goes"??? Meaning that you get like "Brain farts" of ideas which may or may not work ... but it takes time for those ideas to surface??

Most of MY games are in different stages of "design". I only have one (1) in manufacturing, a couple in prototype stage, a half dozen in early design and so forth...

Just curious as to your OWN "thought process" when it comes to YOUR game(s).

I never "give-up" on a design unless I see that it is IMPOSSIBLE to complete. And yeah that has happened with a handful of designs too...

Anyways keep up the great work and effort. Sound like the game is taking shape into something that could possibly be a reality!

Joined: 04/08/2012
Great question (s)

Qoute: Do you find that your "inspiration" for the game "comes-and-goes"??? Meaning that you get like "Brain farts" of ideas which may or may not work ... but it takes time for those ideas to surface??

Answer: Yes and No.

Yes: For any game or project to flourish, it takes time, patience and diligence. Though it be 5 minutes, 8 months, 2 years or in my case 17 1/2 years.

Of course inspiration comes and goes, but for any project that your passionate about needs to be outlined. Now for Dymino Monsters beginning, I knew it was going to be a big game , it's a gut feeling actually, but i didn't know how large it was going to be or popular. It did cross my mind back in 2004.

Brain farts of ideas; yes, i have a few projects i would like to get to. To do some of my own radio drama hour shows for myself. I put them on hold because those ideas are ready to be worked on at any time, I just put more effort into the larger projects. Not just the radio drama hour shows, like if I ever get to those projects, I have 60 other game storylines I can work on but again, my priorities are for the 2 larger projects.

No: If it's a smaller project, or just coming up with a game within 2 to 5 minutes, I'm good to go.

I'm a very creative person who sees to get the project complete and to fruition in a matter of minutes to a few hours (The Feast). The feast only took me 2 complete hours to hand cut, draw, and as I was doing those 2 details, I was creating the rules. From 9:42 am to 11:45am, I had a fully functional game, then I brought the prototype cards, dice and wooden chess board to play on last year on November 28, 2021 on Thanksgiving evening. The family had a blast, we played 6 games.

The Bunker: 4 emoji dice. Took 5 minutes to come up with rules as I just rolled the dice. 2017.

For the newest game, the non digital pinball game: yes, that has taken me some time to deal with a solution for the dice rolling mechanism. In the last few days, even this evening, I think I found a solution for the token (ship) to maneuver around the board. If I remember correctly, I did stall a few years ago with the same problem. Impossible to find a solution? No, not with me. I analyze the situation by looking at different variables of action that makes for the right solution or equation that makes sense. Even though the player is using a d20, how will the ball react accordingly?

Ideas to create to surface varies with me. If a name or idea pops in my mind and I think of the solution, storyline, game mechanic, genre, theme, winning, losing etc. Or half of those thoughts or even partial thought process, I just go for the fruition at the drop of a hat, dime, what have ya.

Yes, of course never give up. Try different solutions.

If the solution to your mechanic is not working? Put it aside. Give it time. Don't throw it out. Alot of the time, I'll put older projects within newer projects to fill in a gap or hey, why not? Why, because I can.

I dont rush any of my games. If I rush, it will fall apart. I play against the big box company game guidelines. They tell you"Hurry up, see if it works, crash it or edit it, play it, demo it, edit. Rinse and repeat". Hurry up and get to your next project.

Im gonna get blasted for saying that but, that's what I see, been told, etc. But I dont.

How can you learn everything from scratch to fruition if your hurrying up to get to the next project.

For me, it's like a revolving door.

I may have tons of smaller games complete to sell off all the while I have larger games that took me nearly half of my life.

Dymino Monsters was just 28 original monsters in 2004. I waited 6 months because I wanted to have original ideas not from already published sources from movies, other rpg Campaign books, board and card games and video games.

I wanted my game to be different and a very large world. Yes, I could of and have asked for help. But 1 of my friends said after asking for help for Dymino Monsters,"Only you know your game and story, how you want it, how it works."

I was a bit disheartened, but he was right.

So, with all of that notion, why so many cards, a grand story, so many monsters /creatures?

Because I wanted to see for myself how long would it take me to develop a entire world from scratch, story arcs, building upon something that I wanted my own physical copy.

It has been a possible reality for this game to flourish. 9,000 plus cards.

The destination to my journey is 75% complete, at most. Why all of these years?

Taking the time to help others with their game design projects from my own experience. I'm not an expert on the digital format yet, but I don't need to rush it either.

I know enough from different solutions to help others as I want them to succeed further than I ever have. Yes, I am in the stone age of scissors and index cards, but financially, that's all I can afford and I'm good at with my years of experience.

Thank for the question.

I hope you succeed with your projects as well Kris.


I think your asking How do I create these projects and keep going?

I'm a very creative person. If something sparks my interest for a project, I see it through just like everyone else here in bgdf.


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I think your also asking

I think your also asking,"Didn't you ever think about giving up due to how long this current game has take?"

Nope, not on this game. However, I did almost give up on my Knights Adventure map. I drew a mega dungeon. That's what the design was or generally termed.

In 1992, I just wanted to draw the world's largest maze. Then I turned into a game, for the shear love of the arcade game Gauntlet.

During the second year in drawing the monstrosity of a map, I almost didn't finish it.

But in the month of that time September or October, I told myself, " You've come this far. If you stop now, you'll never see the finish project."

So I kept going. Dreading the time, trying to be patient with my large map. In mid June or July 1994 , I completed the drawing. I still have the map to this day.


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The reason that I asked was because...

In my case, it seems like ONE (1) Design moves to "the front" of the pack. And I don't have control over which one it is... Just get some NEW ideas and all of a sudden, I'm sunk back into "?" years of design work on many of my ideas.

See although I am also creative, I don't work well with "restrictions" or a plethora of mini games which like you said can be done and played within the same day.

In my case NOTHING takes less than years of effort. That's just my creative process. And sometime I wish I could FOCUS on ONE (1) SPECIFIC project and yes, I kinda force my brain to think about it... It usually comes BLANK with no new ideas or developments. Meanwhile other projects which I would want to keep on the back-burner seem to take priority in my brain and that's when I mentioned "Brain Farts".

Not to say that some of those "Brain Farts" are VERY inspirational and do a hell of a good to some of the OTHER projects... It's just that I feel that I have LITTLE CONTROL over which project I get to work on.

That's kinda my process. I don't have full control over WHAT it is that I am designing. Something gets HOT or Crystalizes and all of a sudden I need to review YEARS worth of WORK to finally understand where I am TODAY as opposed to a couple MONTHS ago...

They don't necessarily take YEARS to switch or get inspiration... But it's quite possible that some designs see very little progress or advancement in maybe 3 or even 6 months. Again with me having little to no control over these projects.

Anyhow that's how my projects advance and move forwards... Very conditionally to whatever influences the design that is at the forefront of my thought in the last few days ... Even if I am working on a KS that is on its way too... There is another design which has taken great steps to advance in a very GREAT way.

Like I said, IF I try to FORCE it... It doesn't work. It's like Cooking Pasta... You need to patiently wait for the Water to Boil first, then you can add the Pasta to the boiling water to cook. The Water Boiling is like when one of my designs sees something NEW and relevant to progressing further... You don't want to put Pasta in non-boiling water ... It just takes LONGER to cook!

So that's why I really asked about your own project. You probably get more ideas than I do... With some of your quick ideas/project that only last a couple hours or a day, etc.


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I wholeheartedly agree

Oh for sure. Every designer is different and that's okay.

Every designer, I think, thinks way to hard over a simple solution.

If I roll a die how many number 4's comes up? Granted there are mathematicians here or game designers who have calculated how many times a number a 4 comes up on any certain die. That's their expertise. That's their experience and they have the answer to give to who ever needs it.

For me, it's a simple divide of how numbers I think would be a quick solution to a move, an ability, a defense or attack. Basic math for the events and odds, plus gut feeling. Some times an adjustment here and there to fit the second and third of of the solution.

I dont get down to the nitty gritty to understand how of x 4's comes up. Though , in any of my designs, I never needed to know. It's good information for who ever needs it.

That's great that you have tons and tons of great, creative brand new ideas every waking minute. That's a good thing, but its self control to maintain the new ideas at some what at bay. Like, as you mentioned, waiting for the water to boil before adding the noodles.

Okay, actually, depending on altitude of water bowling, it all depends on how long your willing to wait?

For instance: my nephew was waiting for the water to bowl last night for his ramen. So he could eat. I told him, the more water you add, the longer it takes to boil. He was impatient and after 7 minutes, he tossed in the noodles. Then let them become soft to eat.

You have these great ideas, but your mind is impatient to deal and handle with all of the new projects. You also force yourself to try to over think about how many cards are on a sheet for the card cutter / printer and how many will go in a box. Let the printer distributor handle that.

Concentrate on what your trying to focus on. Like those rares, super rares, ultra rares etc. I get that you want this all to be planned, but your mind is not being focused on your game, though it is , your worried about the printer before you even playtest your game.

You have concepts, tons of notes, and you wait for more ideas to build up and then your think, wait, could it work, will it work, can it work?

I know it's a daunting task to hand cut 100 cards, which really isn't and you have said, "Its boring, its tedious. And your hand hurts."

You have said this about a year and a half ago in one of your game posts.

You have to learn to be patient. Put some music on, jazz, classical, something soothing. Get comfortable and be bored for the next 30 minutes or how ever if takes you to cut 100 index cards. Or, you can buy a 1 pack of half cut index cards already for $1.49 here in the states but, if you get 1 pack of 100 as a whole card, you get 2 decks of 100 for only .49 cents or now up to $1 here in the states depending on which store you go to.

Or print out 2.5 x 3.5 rectangles on your excel, get a paper cutter and cut up 100 blank cards on good card stock from office depot.

You probably have already tried this?
It takes some time and practice to focus on 1 to 2 projects at a time, let alone 5 all at once. If it's something I enjoy, yes, I can do maybe 3 or 4 projects at a time, but main focus is getting to the end of Dymino Monsters.

There was one time I had a whole bunch of ideas, flooding my brain and I was excited, super excited.

I can do this. I can do that. Oh, wait, what about that? Oooh. How about that?

I was giddy, excited, overwhelmed with new ideas. But I had to slow my heart down and breath. I had /have 2 projects that need to be complete. Beyond The Horizon, Dymino Monsters. Yes, for a few days or weeks I put my focus on Beyond the Horizon, the LARPING and in the back of my mind: Dymino Monsters.

And then a few other projects, but I had to settle for the best choice to relax from the other. As I relaxed, I still added notes, clues, hints etc for Dymino Monsters, then focused on the other project.

How you handle your projects , is all up to you on how you control your patience and focus to get a project complete.

Write a list of your main projects.
Write a list of your secondary projects. Put a time for 30 minutes for each project per day. The projects that look like it's going to take longer or a gut feeling, these those alone until you can get ahead on what you want to focus on.

If you want to rush through your game design, put a time up. Finger scroll through the bgg game mechanic page 173 or 179 game mechanics. The first 2 mechanics you stop at, create a card or board game with just those 2 game mechanics and put the timer up for 1 hour. See how fast you can create your self a card game. You can only have 20 cards. Speed game design. I'll make it easier, 52 cards. After the hour, see what you have come up with,
Rules, playthrough and demo. Remember, you only have an hour. This is just a game designer test for you only. An under pressure game test as though you were in front of any game publisher pitching your game.

You have to be quick, time yourself.

Want a more challenge, 9 cards, 10 minutes, rules, demo. Hey, as everyone says to help you create faster , get to your next game design. There ya go. Optional. You dont have to show or send me anything. It's just for you only game test speed design.

More challenging: design 2 full card games within 30 minutes. With 2 of the same game mechanics or separate from each other.

What I'm getting at, could you focus on any of these challenges. Probably yes. Every one here is creative, intelligent and like minded designers of fantastic board, card and abstract designs.

I'm not trying to steer anyone here to out do , out perform anyone here. Design how you want. Learn from the details or mistakes, you can rush through it or take your time. Look, even waiting for a game from KS sometimes takes up to 4 years to be delivered? That's ludacris. Again, it's what I've read from other backers.

Why do I mention KS?

In 4 years time, you as the game designer could have 10 to 15 games waiting to be published and released. Large or small.


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September 25, 2021 Update

Here is the update for this morning as I worked throughout the night:

On September 24, 2021

Monterello : text completed
Safarono : text completed

Text and some cards have point system added.

September 25, 2021

TriiDor Empire
King Dehm

Text completed with some abilities and point system for these last faction chapter decks.

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