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What are your non-board-game-designing hobbies?

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The Professor
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Fascinating Backgrounds

I figured that board gamers would prove an eclectic group of people. The strong sense of formal education and/or intellectual development is clearly evident in the posts.

As for me ..

Education: I'm completing my third graduate degree...1st, International Relations (Troy State University); 2nd Strategic Studies (U.S. Air Force's Air Command and Staff College); 3rd, International Studies in Conflict and War (U.S. Air Force's Air War College).

Travel (International): Visited 21 countries; Limited Working Proficiency in Russian according to the Interagency Language Roundtable for Listening and Reading; Elementary Proficiency in Spanish for Listening and Reading.

Travel (U.S.): Visited 27 States, with another planned for later this year: Arizona!

Fitness: Run 20 mi/wk and lift weights 3x/wk

Cooking: My girlfriend and I love experimenting with all manner of appetizers, salads, and entrées. If we ever have a YouTube Channel, it will be "Asian/Round-eye Cooking."

Theater/Movies: As my daughter is a devotee of the arts, we attend theatrical stage productions or the same weekend, we saw "Pippin" and "Pitch Perfect 2" - she's a teenager, so one never knows what we'll watch.

That's it...enough to keep me busy.


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Non board game hobbies

1: Can't wait for summer to continue my groups Slow-Mo Action LARP Group.

2: Hiking to venture off to get new ideas for my card game I am currently still working on.

3: Paranormal investigations.

4: Getting back into the study of Martial Arts.

5: Script writing.

Happy hunting,

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Reading this question made me realize how many different interests I have. It's nice to read what you all do for fun.

I have been studying at university on and off, and I totally love it. Mostly film studies, linguistics and history of ideas. I would like to get to the point where I could apply for a master programme.

Obviously I'm into board game design and also play board games (and computer games) regularly.

Other hobbies/interests/activities atm:

Computer games
Lindy hop
Making jewellery
Cooking and eating ;)
Scuba diving!!!

I used to do Kickboxing but it's been a while, thinking of starting again but there's that time issue that many of you have mentioned. I do go to the gym, but it's not really fun, so wouldn't call it an interest of mine. =P It's more of a way to get in better shape for other things I want to do. Otherwise the best work out is the one you enjoy imo! Tried parkour a couple of times and it was great fun! Also, did some indoors wall climbing years ago, and that's also something I'd like to do again. Gah, so many things to do! =)

Oh, and recently got really into Orchids, so learning a lot about them atm and have a bunch of pretty ones at home. Used to grow chili plants every year for several years, I might get back to that too. Love chili and hot food! At best I had like 15 varieties and 20 plants at the same time. =D Anyone else here that grow chili? Or orchids?

I should stop now, seems like I could go on and on.

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