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What is a game designer?

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You can be your own judge!

Soulfinger wrote:
...Just keep in mind that the role of the "idea guy" is more of a myth and a hilarious one at that. If all you need is someone else to do all of the work while you pound out these killer ideas then you should get busy submitting your work to the big game companies straightaway. Because your ideas are that good, right?...

Having the "great idea" is not good enough. You have to SELL the idea to a publisher... Convince someone at the other side that your "great idea" is worthwhile looking at. I must admit I did a somewhat poor job explaining the game "as it is". I was comparing it to other games - and I don't think that went over too good with some of the publishers...

But I'll let you be the judge how good my game really is, in the coming months - when I publicly release the rulebook for public review.

Then you can tell me if the game is worth more than just the 94% art test score.

I've shared the "Undead Viking's" honest opinion about our game - namely that there is (and I quote) "A TON of FUN in this little box." And that it USES Deck-building in a very creative fashion. This sentiment was also echoed by one of the publishers that was reviewing the game. As he put it (and I quote) "I like the idea of taking cards from my hand to 'configure' starships. I think that is a clever idea."

However you'll have to wait another couple months - before public release.

Some BGDF designers have already had a look at the rulebook - and I thank those who have shared their valuable input - in what I can call my "decent" effort at making a real game. So a kudos to you! I have gotten positive reviews for my rulebook as being well written and well put together. Remember it is 20 pages long.

The game is rather simple - but has a lot of concepts. Explaining this in under 20 pages with tables, pictures and diagrams proved to be very challenging indeed!

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