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MusedFable wrote:

What script language can I use in this forum. []LINK[/url] doesn't work.

If you click on the "Input format" link below the textbox when writing a post, you can select your preferred formatting language: Filtered HTML (where you can use a subset of regular HTML tags) or Markdown (there's a link to a Markdown codes reference).

Addresses (both page and email) are automatically converted into links.

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Thanks, didn't notice the

Thanks, didn't notice the little fold out toggle.

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I saw that, but didn't realize you had to pick one before it would take effect in that post. Is there any way to add wiki formatting as an option? Wiki formatting ruled in v2, as it's so much more intuitive and typable than HTML, or even Markdown. Can the site be altered to allow us to set one or the other as a default in our account setup page, rather than always having to choose the Markdown button with the dropdown?

Also, is there a way to add a "Post Reply" button to the initial reply box, rather than always having to preview your reply? I'm accurate enough that the extra step for every post will possibly start to get annoying.

This new site is great, though, so don't let my suggestions or questions get you down!

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Blog and UserPage formatting

I noticed that in blogs, I have to use a combination of Markdown and HTML in order to get the desired result. For example, I use *** for a horizontal break, but have to use for a forced line break, and though ** works for the bold heading, the italics need tags.

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