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Quick question: How do you use Game Journals?

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Joined: 04/20/2019

Hi there!

I would like to write and post updates about a game I'm designing and a game journal seems like the thing to use. My question is how do you update it? Do you create a new one or keep leaving comments on it like the dymino monsters updates?

All feedback is appreciated.

Have a great day and take care!

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Please don't use the Water Cooler for Game Topics...

@Stormyknight1976 has a thread in the Water Cooler ... And it's been there a long time... So we leave it there. But if you are posting regarding a game, I personally prefer to BLOG about topics rather than a Journal which is a bit cumbersome to navigate. I'm an admin and I'm not quite sure how the Game Journals work TBH.

I suggest you PM @let-off studios about using a Journal properly with navigation links from one topic to another. See this thread as an example:

Notice an "UP" and Left & Right Links to other topics. That's how you do a Game Journal PROPERLY. Otherwise it's more of BLOG posts and those you can do in your own personal BLOG.

That's what I recommend... Stephen might be able to better GUIDE you with your OWN "Game Journal". BLOGs are straight-forward and work on a per-topic format (one blog entry per topic). Game Journals allow you to LINK multiple TOPICS regarding the SAME "Game".


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