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Back! Though to be fair I was kind of barely here the first time

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Joined: 01/17/2016

Hello everyone,

I joined the forum a year ago with the goal of getting some insight into a game project I was and am still working on. Life got in the way and between work and kids I dropped off these forums for the past year, but I'm back and hoping to be a more active member of the community in a variety of conversations, including probably asking for more advice on my own project, which is problematic to say the least, but nonetheless one I am passionate about.

Looking forward to talking more, exchanging ideas and learning as much as I can! Thanks!

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Hmm... I believe

You had some kind of game that required "Licensing of IP" for the theme of the game. Now from what I remember I referred you to @Dralius (or @David Whitcher) and that's because he had a Star Trek game which required just that.

Maybe he can give you more insights into the IP licensing process since his game required just that and it was for a well-known franchise too (Star Trek). In @David's game, he has licensed both the original ST series and ST-TNG too.

Can you provide us with more details concerning the IP you wish to have licensed?

I'm afraid that at the moment this is the only person/designer that I know of who has actually produced a game with licensed IP. It would be good to hear what @David has to say about the process of licensing IP.

Update: I have PMed @David, hoping that he can respond to this thread and share with us some of his wisdom! Cheers.

Joined: 01/17/2016
Indeed, you remember correctly!

Yes, the game in question is actually based on "Star Trek" and you referred me to Dralius, who shared some really great insight into how he had Star Trek: Five Year Mission published. The road to publication for him was quite a unique journey and not a path I can actually follow.

However there is substantial value in the insight that licensing a huge IP like that can happen in very unexpected ways, as it did for Dralius, so thinking outside the box seems to be the best strategy for success there, though even with the best strategy, the odds of success are, as was pointed out to me last year on this forum, extraordinarily remote.

If people are interested, I can start a forum post about the game specifically. It has been really rewarding to make it and it is turning out to be very fun and very thematically appropriate, so I would like to find a way to share it with a larger audience, but because of the IP involved, that will probably never happen.

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