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I'm an aspiring designer from Ferndale, WA, hoping to learn more about the business of game design. Right now I'm hoping to learn more about the process of copyrighting intellectual property, and the process of selling an idea to a publisher and how to get the best deal.

I have two game ideas, one that is in the playtesting stage, and the other still in basic rule development. I've been trying to keep them simple, but it's not really staying that way. My favorite games are pandemic, game of thrones the board game, imperial, agricola, and settlers of catan.

The Professor
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Welcome to BGDF!


You're in exceptionally good company, as there are far more unpublished members out here than those who have had their games published, though we have a few luminaries, like James Mathe who I've seen on a few threads these past few months.

There are designers, developers (yours truly), play-testers, graphic artists, etc. out here on BGDF, and while you may receive myriad responses...some of which may be critical, it's all done with a sense of encouragement. Hope you find what you you have a varied gaming pallette, you'll have great mechanics upon which to draw for inspiration.


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