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Greetings and Salutations

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Joined: 08/26/2017

My name is [Blackbird] and I look forward to trading some ideas and getting some neutral feedback. I'm not very good at talking, so I vacillate between being terse and giving rambling explanations that are hard to understand.

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Feel free to take your time!

Just notify potential readers if the content may be a little "long winded": TL;DR. (Which is Too Long; Don't Read).

Welcome to BGDF -- feel free to share you game ideas and get feedback towards making a prototype that is "stellar"!

Posting a well written message on a "forum" can be sometimes simpler than trying to think of the "perfect sentence" to speak... (IMHO).

Cheers and enjoy!

Note: We're a good crowd -- not too critical. But if you need ideas or just some thoughts/feedback ... I'm sure someone can offer up what it is you need with your design.

let-off studios
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Hello and Welcome

You'll notice there are people on here from all levels of ability, the entire range of professional experience, and a wide variety of backgrounds - not to mention from all over the world. I'm sure we'll be pleased to have you join in the chorus.

Best of success on your future projects, Blackbird. :)

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