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Greetings everyone

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Joined: 07/05/2012

Greetings all, first time poster here. I’m a relative newcomer to the world of board games though I’ve been a proud geek my entire life. My interests have mainly stuck to the realms of literature and video games (with the occasional CCG deviance) but as of a year or two ago I began dabbling in the larger world of analog gaming. After attending PAX East 2012 I got the itch to try my hand at actually crafting something.

While I enjoy the occasional “big” game I love the idea of clean, easy to understand mechanics with minimal setup and parts (though that could be the minimalist graphic designer in me talking). The ideal game for me can be stored easily in a messenger bag with all of your other con paraphernalia and quickly set up wherever you have a little spare space. Understandably I tend to gravitate towards dice games (Zombie/Martian/Cthulhu/etc) with their inherently simple nature.

Which brings me to the current juncture. I’m working on an asymmetrical combat dice game (The Assassin’s Game) which I will be posting about in the appropriate forum. I’ve spent the last month or so testing the prototype using my poor wife and a couple of glowing Ikea idols as playtesters. I’ve hit a wall where I’m not entirely sure that the core aspect of the game has any real merit and I’m hoping I can get a neutral outsider view on the whole thing.

I’m really looking forward to participating in the community (particularly the game design challenges).


Joined: 10/13/2011
The right place...

Hi Dristan,

I think you have come to the right place! If you post an overview of your game (or even detailed rules!) I am sure someone will review it and offer feedback. Heck, I'll probably look at it simply because their are dice involved...

Good luck with your design!

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