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Joined: 02/18/2017

Heeeeello, i am new here and i am a boardgame and card game nut, i like to play them all the time and learn new ones.

I have made one TCG called Minimon fusionz which will be up on TGC soon and i am currently in the process of creating another TCG

Artwork will be pixel base and right now i am in the mechanic building phase

Joined: 01/30/2017
Hi, welcome! In this site I'm

Hi, welcome! In this site I'm new too! I am going to make this as short and super simple as I can. My name is Banjamin, but friends call me just Ben. If you want, you can call me Ben too, it's easier. i think this site is awesome, interesting and informative, so for this reason I joined in this community!

I'm interested, what is your favorite game? My favorite game is Life is Strange. Do you know this game? If yes, what do you think? If no, more information can get from this page: Please, let me know what do you think. Thanks, Ben!

Frank West
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Joined: 11/25/2016
Hey jedite1000, Welcome to

Hey jedite1000,

Welcome to BGDF, looking forward to learning more about your games :)

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