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Joined: 11/08/2017

Hello BGDF!

I've been designing board games as a hobby for a few years. I'm trying to focus on one game at the moment, having in the past felt compelled to prototype every idea that sounded fun...

So, "Asteroid19" is my current project - imagine mining a flaming ball of rock blasting through space, competitively!. The unique dynamic in this game is the board itself; it has two rotating parts, which interact to create a cool probability distribution and varying strategies. The narrative describes this as half of the asteroid being on fire, with the asteroid rotating in a linear way - i.e. half of the board is available for mining, with that exposed half slowing changing over time. The second rotating element is the depth at which the resources are available - under a stable surface, this asteroid is flowing in a semi-predictable fashion.

I have a basic prototype, and have playtested enough to iron out the main issues. Happily this game is really well balanced, with most hour-long games being won or lost in the last few minutes/moves, with different strategies converging at the same time. I'm now developing a more robust prototype, something which can be transported/stored easily. I need some help with printing graphics onto thick card, so will start another thread later.

Looking forward to discussing all things board game design!

Simon (based in the UK)

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Hey Simon. Welcome to the

Hey Simon.

Welcome to the BGDF. I'm glad you're here, and good luck with your game.

Joined: 01/28/2017
H Simon - welcome to the

H Simon - welcome to the forum.

Some really helpful people on here so ask away with any questions

Game sounds interesting - do you have any pics of your prototye you can share?

re printing onto card, my design partner does this direct from his printer (but not very thick card) whereas I use cheap printing services like or Very happy with both.

Andy (also UK)

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Hi Simon!

Welcome to the BGDF! This is a great source of knowledge and inspiration. I'm looking forward to seeing what you've got for us!

Joe (been to the UK)

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Printing on Card

Welcome Simon,

Now living in the states ( Originally from UK )

In the past i have used Self adhesive Sticker Sheets,Printed onto the sheets and then stuck them on the card.
I have even gone as far as adding a clear adhesive film over the top.
The game sounds very interesting,i have always liked a game board that changes
and not static.
Good luck with your Venture.

Adam Leamey
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A fellow UK designer yay

A fellow UK designer yay welcome to the forum.

Joined: 11/08/2017

Thanks for the welcome! I've created a Game Journal, with the narrative for the game. I'll follow up with a more 'down-to-Earth' project status soon.

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