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Hello! I am tzarosinski, a board game dreamer (for now) in the suburbs of Portland Oregon. I have always been interested in games but only recently (last 3 years or so) I discovered board games beyond the scope of monopoly and apples to apples.

I’ve been feverishly brainstorming ideas for a fantasy combat and resource management game. Some of this desire for a game like this comes from some of the hassles of more in component heavy games (mainly set up/ and tear down times).

I mostly play games with my brother in law and in the last 2 years we have both had our first child. This has caused our love for board games to take the sideline, however our ideas and brainstorming never ends.

I think the game that I’m trying to conjure would be somewhere between gloomhaven, hearthstone, sentinels of the multiverse, pokemon, and Valeria card kingdoms.

My brother in law and I have a running campaign of gloomhaven that we have been working on for over a year. We love playing, especially how the ability and attack cards function. The biggest deterrent is simply the extra 30-45 minutes of set up and tear down.

We absolutely love hearthstone. We love the dueling aspect and being able to create a deck of your own and try it out. Hearthstone also is unique in that you use mana, however nThe fact that it is mobile and has no set up or tear down is great, but we want a game that we can sit at the table and be unplugged.

I’ve been looking to come up with a combat system that is mostly decision based and less luck ( similar to gloomhaven) but where the components are less intensive.
Ravage dungeons of plunder utilizes and energy system that is very intriguing, however I would want energy gains to be the result of skillful usage of abilities instead of dice rolls

I think the end goal is to have a game where character growth can happen like gloomhaven, where combat is smooth and majority decision based instead of purely lucky rolls

Anyways, glad to have you along the way for this journey!


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Welcome, glad to have you

Welcome, glad to have you here. Please keep us updated on the progress of your game :)


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Welcome to the forum! I

Welcome to the forum! I haven't gotten the chance to play Gloomhaven, but I really want to. Sounds amazing from how you describe it.

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Hello and welcome!

Hello and welcome!

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