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Hello All!

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Joined: 03/28/2018

I've been lurking and occasionally posting on BGG for a while (as my longtime gamertag KarmikazeKidd), but it was recently pointed out to me that I should probably come learn what I can here as well. I'm eager to mine the forums here for everything they're worth, which I've heard is quite a lot.

I'm an amateur designer with a fairly wide range of inspiration. My favorite games include Game of Thrones, Tsuro, X-Wing, Betrayal at the House on the Hill, and Lanterns. My free time has been fairly limited lately, but is thankfully beginning to open up and allow me to get more design work done. I was originally going to shoot for Kickstarter, but I think I've come to terms that looking for a publisher is the wiser move at this stage in my life. Ten years younger or older and I'd probably go Kickstarter all the way, but that's the way the dice roll.

All of my games (so far) take place within a universe of my own creation. It takes place well after humanity has risen through galactic expansion and fallen again through a long unwinnable war with another ascendant race. The world exists within a pocket universe containing a single solar system, created to hide one of the remnants of humanity from their enemies. Society within this pocket has already collapsed and risen again, and cultures have been redefined and intertwined with the indigenous species. This is more or less the point where the games' storylines pick up.

A rough overview of what I'm working on right now:

Honorbound - An arena style game of tactical combat utilizing a 30-card prebuilt deck to augment the characters' innate abilities. The cards available to the deck are determined by the skills of the characters, and no dice are involved. Played on a hex grid. (Mid-late stages of playtesting, balance only).

Wingframe - Racing game in the vein of F-Zero, Podracing, and Extreme G. The game is set up for a progression style league series, and heavy customization of the Wingframes and their pilots. Played on a grid-free map. (Early playtesting, still assessing mechanics)

Kingmaker - Dice based Tower Ascent/King of the Hill scenario where players run, climb, build, fight, and generally create mayhem in their attempts to reach the summit and hold it. Picture dice like Destiny or Dicemasters, used to generate points for the various actions, via unique characters. (Development only, no outside playtesting yet)

Progeny (Working Title) - Deck-editing/survival game whereby players control the evolution of an AI race on a hostile world. Players compete to have the most advanced Subsystem at game's end, while simultaneously working cooperatively to evolve the race as a whole and adapt to survive the increasingly hostile planet. (Early development)

There are others, but I've not had enough time to put into them to really make them even worth mentioning. But essentially, each title is geared toward embracing either the universe as a whole or digging deeper into one of the cultures within it.

But that's enough about me. I just hope I can come to contribute to this site at some point, rather than continuously mooch off of the experience of the rest of you. Thanks for letting me join in the fun.

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Fun ... more like Work! LOL

Welcome to BGDF... Glad to see you have a bunch of works-in-progress (WIPs). Hope you enjoy the time being a part of our forum. If you want to get involved with other player's design, that's one route. Or if you need specific issues to discuss with your own design, that's another option.

Some people lurk for years... and only post when there is a topic to their liking so... welcome. Feel free to get involved with our community.


Paul Ott
Joined: 01/22/2018
Welcome to the board. Looking

Welcome to the board. Looking forward to hearing more about your games.

Joined: 01/27/2017
Hello there

Welcome to BGDF, sounds like you have a lot of interesting ideas there. Also looking forward to any feedback you have on others' ideas here.

Glad to have you aboard.

let-off studios
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PhaseShift wrote:
Wingframe - Racing game in the vein of F-Zero, Podracing, and Extreme G. The game is set up for a progression style league series, and heavy customization of the Wingframes and their pilots. Played on a grid-free map. (Early playtesting, still assessing mechanics)
Hello and welcome to BGDF!

Out of all your ideas, Wingframe seems to most interesting to me. But it's admirable that you've been developing your own "campaign world" where everything can remain consistent. You don't need to come up with background material from scratch each time a game idea strikes you, plus it gives you a multi-faceted way to explore your own ideas.

Have fun! Looking forward to your contributions and progress. :)

Joined: 03/28/2018
Thank You!

Thanks everybody, I appreciate you being so welcoming. It's always intimidating coming into an environment where the collective experience levels are so far beyond one's own. I'll do my best to contribute where I can.

To let-off: That's interesting you should say that. Wingframe is definitely the one I feel is most unique and unlike anything on the market. However, by nature of its design and people's schedules, it has proven very difficult to playtest. I'm anxious to change that at some point.

Honorbound has by far had the best response, though. I've had a couple dozen people playtest it so far to overwhelmingly positive reviews. It's been really rewarding so far.

Thanks again.

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Joined: 03/16/2018

I lurk too, and haven't contributed much to the forum, so I admire your shift and desire to be a contributor. I can share more about the logistical side of things, like Kickstarter fulfillment, packaging, etc., than about actual game design, but I'm going to make an effort to chime in where I can help.
Looking forward to your future posts!

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