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Hello to All!

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Joined: 03/06/2017

Hi bgdf members! I am Zeto. I am here because I would like to make some of my ideas come true! I have always loved board games, and want to make my own as well!

My favorite games are ones that the players need to reach a goal to win, but can also attack each others. Those games are heavy on alliances and it makes the game much more interesting. Specific games are munchkins or illuminati.

I have been mangling with the idea of making some kind of basic virtual desk on the web to brainstorm and quickly test my new ideas on the go. you know, just move some pictures around, let a friend join in. It is either that or I will start making a board game about life that focuses on the money spent to deter other players like pay the mafia and so on.

Anyway, I will look around to check out all your ideas! Nice to meet all of you!

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Joined: 09/11/2014
Welcome to the forum. It's

Welcome to the forum. It's great to have you here.

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Welcome aboard! You're in the

Welcome aboard! You're in the right place to talk board games!

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