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Hello all, Woodledude here

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Joined: 02/04/2018

21 year old game designer here. I've got one "published" game under my belt, called Flickball (I realize now that that's a pretty awful name, considering it's been used before). It did surprisingly well given it was my first finished game. Briefly, it's a physical strategy game with a slightly abstracted sports theme. Check it out if you like:

I had a hard time getting playtesters, and an even harder time getting any feedback from anyone who played the game without me. I did manage to get one or two dozen good tests in with a few people, and polished the game a fair bit, but I ended up moving on from the project before I was really satisfied that it was as "done" as it could be. I'd like to come back to it when I'm more equipped to make it something really great.

Now I'm working on a physical space ship combat game where you can customize your own ships like legos. I've had a hard time sitting down and playtesting it, so I came here to talk to people about it, get some criticism and critique so I'm not wallowing in my own head.

Geez, talk about exposition :P So... Yeah, hi everybody XD

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Welcome to BGDF, Woodledude. :)

Flickball looks like a lot of fun! For the playtesters you did find, there seemed to be plenty of useful discussion. The sound like rabid fans, too...! How did you first come up with that idea?

Meanwhile... There's another forum member who's currently discussing a revisited Pogs game. Maybe you have some input for that discussion?

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Joined: 02/04/2018
You're probably right

Yeah, I did get a bit of useful discussion over there. Heck, someone made a mod for the game to make it easier to play. I considered that high praise. Maybe I'm just greedy XD

That being said, I was working on the game for a couple months to get it to that point, and I was just exhausted after that. It was also hard to continue talking to the handful of fans I had collected, because Steam isn't really set up for that. I needed a new place to actually discuss things with people. And maybe it was hard to focus on the few fans I had gotten because I was comparing the comments I was getting to the thousands of downloads I had apparently gotten. I guess I kept expecting more, and maybe that killed my enthusiasm. Not to mention, I have some conflicting issues with being autistic and being lonely, but I'd rather not burden anyone with that right now :P

As for Flickball itself, I came up with the idea because the ship game I mentioned was actually the first thing I tried to make in TTS - The problem was, everything would fall off the ships when I moved them. I tried to find something that TTS could do really well, noticed the Flick tool, and started thinking about some of the flick-based games I had encountered before. Since most of them were centered around combat, and decided to try a sports-based thing instead. My uncle has always said that football is like chess in a lot of ways - There's a huge strategy element to it. I wanted to try and capture that "sports are strategy" idea in a game, and I loved the idea of a physical strategy game, where there's both an element of randomness and skill in an otherwise totally cerebral game. Thus, Flickball :)

On another note, thank you for the suggestion, I'll go see if I can help any :)

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